God Lets Beyonce Strip On Stage But Not Kiss Girls

God Lets Beyonce Strip On Stage But Not Kiss Girls

Beyonce Knowles has denied that she made an anti-gay comment in a recent interview with The Sun. Their interview described her as having said that God would not let her kiss a woman in her comments about about Madonna and Britney’s onstage kiss during the MTV Video Music Awards.


Beyonce issued a statement on her website saying, “I’d like to clarify any confusion over some quotes that were attributed to me totally out of context in a recent interview. I have never judged anyone based on his or her sexual orientation and have no intention of starting now. I have a lot of gay and lesbian fans and I love them no differently than my straight fans.”

Here are the quotes for that article:

Beyonce Knowles tells The Sun despite her sexy stage acts, she draws the line at sharing a live girl-on-girl kisses like Madonna and Britney Spears did.

“I have standards. There are things I will not do,” she said. “I always carry myself like a lady. I don’t feel like I ever do anything raunchy. Maybe people here have a different meaning of the word raunchy, but I’m not disrespectful or dirty or nasty. The movements to Crazy In Love were inspired by a traditional African dance — I don’t think there’s anything TOO sexy about it. It’s entertainment and I believe God is OK with that. I honestly believe He wants people to celebrate their bodies, as long as you don’t compromise your Christianity in the process.”

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  1. ryanat oladeji

    12/01/2005 at 9:02 pm

    i love u beyonce, keep on keeping on. pop ur collar and don’t let what people say bother you.

  2. LaWanika

    11/02/2005 at 2:43 am

    Beyonce you are a fake christian. Christians don’t get out there and shake there asses like that. Nor do they sell fake images to the youth. You are so fake.

  3. Derric Dalton

    08/03/2005 at 8:12 am

    All I have to say is this. If Beyonce’ said those things, how can they NOT be “taken out of context”? What a fundamentalist homophobe!

  4. Leona Bundy

    05/04/2005 at 1:48 pm

    I have said it before and i’ll say it again, it all comes down to a persons personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Beyonce may be out there doing her thing the way she does but God searches the heart and if that persons heart is for Jesus then God’s forgiveness follows along with that as well as a pass into heaven. The bible says ‘judge not lest ye be judged’. No man on this earth has a right to pass judgement on Beyonce Knowles, this is between her and God and if her and God have that personal relationship where she can do these things and take the critisism and still not be moved sideways in her relationship with Jesus, then God bless her. BTW… if Beyonce was a homophobe we would have known years ago, not years later now, so give that rumour a rest will ya. damn reporters :).

  5. john

    06/04/2005 at 3:55 am

    alo beyonce Im a haitien im live in mirebalais haiti I LOVEyou bay

  6. Michelle

    27/04/2005 at 11:05 pm

    WeLL i do have to say being raised in the church most of my Life ( and I’m 31), God does not”LIKE” when you Flaunt yourself around and dance on stage shakin your booty everywhere. I think that has something to do with VANITY,IDOLATRY etc……. If you are gonna do the Booty shake for the whole world to see you might as well go ahead and iss the girl!!!

  7. Shanna

    03/05/2005 at 10:04 pm


  8. Brandon W.

    11/05/2005 at 3:27 am

    Beyonce keep doing what you are doing and don’t worry about what other peaple say you should know what is right and what is wrong. You know what happened and what you did

  9. Shacari aka little beyonce

    02/06/2005 at 7:01 am

    beyonce dont you worry gurl let them haters hate keep doing what you are doing it aint yo falt that you look good cause i know that i look good my nick name is little beyonce becuse im your number 1 fan and becuse i have hips thighs and a butt and my friends call me that becuse i am crazy about you.My friends say that i look kinda like you beycuse i have your smile and your eyes and my birthday is september 4 on your birthday and i brag about you alot.AND REMEMBER LET THEM HATERS HATE SOON THEY WILL GET OVER IT.

  10. Bobo

    15/06/2005 at 6:02 am

    I see hypocrisy or better still double standards with Beyonce.Did u read her sayin she had standards and wudn’t do what Britney and Madonna did? Whew! Yet if someone commented on her lewd and overt sexual gyrations, she and her fans claim she is being judged!N folk who say that don’t judge, what does that mean? No one is judging if they take a stand for righteouness.If I say X is wrong to fornicate, it is not judgement.It is simply stating a fact-A Biblical fact at that too.In the same way, I don’t think u can actually encourage sexual perversion and call it “not compromising your faith”.
    Woe to u who call evil good.
    Celebrating your body? Christ!Do u have to be exposing your body, being a stumbling block to young men to celebrate your body? You celebrate your booties to ya husband not to the whole world.What is next? CHRISTIAN PORN? I BET, IF FOLK WILL DANCE ALL THE VOLUPTOUS DANCES HALF NAKED AND SAY GOD HAS NO PROBLEM, WE WILL SOON HAVE “CHRISTIAN PORN.”
    Finally, why do folk always attack people as being homophobe? If I don’t think homosexuality is right? Y on earth do folk say I am homophobic? Wake up folks! I don’t hate no gay person but I don’t think it is right either. And I sure ain’t scared of any gay person.N I sure do not hate Beyonce either so Beyonce fans, I per say aint her hater. I have not finished hating the devil. But I ain’t a celebrity worshiper who will say everythin is good provided it is done by a celebrity.I
    Love Beyonce but don’t agree wit her half-naked booty exposures.

  11. Kim

    21/06/2005 at 9:25 pm

    I personally LOVE Beyonce’! I think that she is very talented and I think that she is going to be around for a long time. However, I Love the Lord more and I have to admit that it does appear that she compromise her Christianity. Although this may seem judgmental, it’s not. The Bible tells us to judge one another by the fruits of the Spirit. No one can serve two masters! I’m just wondering how anyone who has the life style that Beyonce’ has will have time for daily devotion and study with the Lord? If you are a Christian that is a wonderful thing; however, if you are a Christian and you are not spiritually growing the way that God would want you to than you shouldn’t put your personal views out there and and then throw the Lord’s name all up in ya mix because half of the stuff that these stars comment on have NOTHING to do with the Lord Jesus Christ. I say to Beyonce’ keep on being you and stop trying to please man! That is what will get you in trouble and have you retracking all ya statements! God is not through with you yet! You don’t have to justify your Christianity. Your actions will show just how much of a devout Christian you are and if it’s enough for you and you are comfortable, then do you! We all have our demons to deal with and more spiritual growth to obtain.. Just don’t get it twisted though! what God has for you is for you and if you are in any way, form ,or fashion misusing your talents and not submitting to his will for your life, then it will all come to light at some point in your life.

  12. hanna

    26/06/2005 at 1:01 pm

    MUST READ, MUST READ, MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well, well, well! firstly B has the right to say and believe in what ever she wants to believe in. Secondly, i think (this is just my OPINION)her comments about madonna and britny are correct becuase if anyone had botherd to look at the bigger picture … two of the most influentical woman kissed on national TV and a lot of kids, teenagers, and adults were watching. This is a promotion of HOMOSEXUALITY, making it seem fashionable thus confusing the young people of today.
    READ ON……………………………………………………….
    Madonna and Britny are not even GAY THEMSELVES it was a complete publicity stunt. They were highly IRESPONSIBLE. Think of how many people who are not necessarily gay could have been inflenced by that. I mean, most do (including myself except i follow beyonce) follow what celebrities do and say. For example, Britny makes it ok to smoke becuase she is “COOL” accordning to everything that is written about her!!!!
    On the other hand, if anyone bothered to listen to Beyonces lyrics they would undertand where she maintains her integrity and promotes responsibility. I think she is about the only person who does something responsible and passes on some good wisdon for the childern of today.
    As for her CHRISTINAITY, there is nowhere in the Bible where it says being a christian means covering yourself head to toe and going to church every sunday!!!! This is a misconception. I believe god is everywhere and he is listening to you wherever you are … and if your heart is clean then he will bless you.
    Finally, i would just like to say Beyonce has had a huge influence in my life and I thANk her for that. My mind frame and standards are quite high as a result, especially when it comes to relationships with people outside my family (i.e friends, boyfriends…). I try not to compromise my integrity under such circumstances.
    What’s more, i think B and the girls are a breath of frech air in comparison to a lot of other peeople who promote crape just to further their own ends ( AND MAKE MONEY OF ALL THE IDIOTIC AND IRRESPONSIBLE THINGS WE BUY) and are not taking responsibility for the effects it has on the individuals who are ill informed and consume what ever is given to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. harmony

    29/06/2005 at 7:07 pm

    well all i know is so far beyonce aint done nothing wrong.
    for one i see were shes coming from.
    she has a gift that god has given her and blessed her with, what she wants to do with those gifts dance and sing leave it to her, god already knows whats planned for her, no one knows what gods is going to do with her, no one knows the realtionship she has with god.
    theres a point were people need to think and see what is really going on instead of concentrating on beyonce. beyonce is just her and only her.
    whatever went on between her and kelly row…..let it be its between them two and only them. its not like you can turn around and tell her off no u cant so let her be.
    thank you bless harmony

  14. Michelle W

    29/06/2005 at 10:48 pm

    It’s not right that all of U judge Beyonce(don’t say that U ain’t doing that).She is a young mature woman responsable 4 her actions and she will get whatever it is that she deserves.And so will you!
    So concentrate on YOUR OWN Christianity and stop talking ugly things about other people,especially if U don’t even know them.You’ve seen her on TV,you’ve seen her in the magazines,in her videos,so what?That doesn’t mean that you know her at all.
    And,all you little teenie boopers shouldn’t think she’s perfect or something and that everything she says and does is automaticlly right,cuz it’s not.Beyonce Knowles is only human.
    Also,remember to always keep God first in your life.When U get in some kind of trouble,or something bad happens to you,Beyonce will not be the one to help you.But God will always be there for you.
    P.S.Sorry,my English isn’t perfect,so please forgive me if I made some mistakes,I hope U understand what I wanted to say…God bless you no matter if U’re straight or gay,fat or skinny…We’re all the same.Well U get my point.

  15. Alianna

    14/07/2005 at 11:20 am

    look here jesus didn’t pass any judgement on one of his closest friends.Mary magdelene was a ho and he didn’t pass no judgement.u can’t as a human pass judgement on another human just because of what u see on tv. u claim to be christians but if u knew any better u would identify yourselfs as hypocrites it ain’t right that yall r testing BEYONCE’S faith she is human.All she wants to do is her job.If that means shake a butt so be it.but yall don’t say nothin’ about anybody else when they do something u don’t like.Why yall gotta mess with B. cause ya jealous she can multitask and u can’t. remember this god accepts u for your relationship with him. not with ignorant hatas’think . so leave little mrs b alone. and reflect on your own relationship with god cause dissin’ her ain’t addin nothin to ya works.
    “Fuck A HAter””
    Oh, and that doesn’t mean that I ain’t Christian, CUZ I AM!!!

  16. DB

    14/07/2005 at 11:23 am

    Beyonce is fine,she got alot of booty.I love it she would love me.Forget jay-z he won’t mind.Beyonce is gold i picked it up and found it. Yall gay to hate my beauty, forget yall B is wit me,DB.

  17. d

    26/07/2005 at 1:03 am


  18. Heather

    11/08/2005 at 1:26 am

    I think Beyonce is very uneducated to the fullest. She is very fake, but tries so hard to be a perfectionist. I guess she sets her on rules on her religion? If you are religious, the ass shacking thing is out of the question.Your shacking your ass, drawing attention mainly from men. She knows this but being that she knows god she can ask for forgivness and she is saved by doing so. She is a very fake ass black woman. What black woman you know needs to dye there hair blonde? A christian one uh? She is very fake, she might as well kiss a girl on TV like those white bitches did on stage. I think that she is very beutiful but very much fake. If you love god prove it, stop being fake and be yourself, people will still like your ass. Stop hating on all the other singers and acting as if you cant be faded. I bet before she became famous she was a hoodrat, while going to church. Who wants to bet me? I know a fake ass female when I see one. And that is one.

  19. Sade

    11/08/2005 at 8:31 pm

    Beyonce your not a christian. Your a wanna be christian. You shack your ass for your husband not for the world to see it. And bitch please, crazy in love video dance moves was not inspired by an african dance. I am from Kenya, I never seen no dance step like that. And god will not allow you to kiss a woman, well he shouldnt allow you to shack your ass either. And it didnt say no where in the bible that we should celebrate or bodys.If anything it is telling you, not to expose it.What the hell is wrong with you, girl. You probably tell everybody that your a virgin still uh? I wouldnt put it past you at all. You just want to keep that I am a perfect woman image. Please there is nobody on this earth perfect. So you can stop that.I aint hating I am just expressing myself.

  20. jazz

    06/10/2005 at 10:59 pm

    Beyonce is fake ya’ll she had two abortions by her ex boyfriend and she had two while she has been with Jay Z. SHe was pregnant is that video Boonie and Cylde and she was pregnant on the bootylicious video. She claims she is a christian but little does she know christians dont get abortions. I even heard she slept with some of Jay z friends just to turn him on. I think she is using that christian thang for a cover up. You might as well kiss girls hell, you get abortions like its nothing whats worst?

  21. Mindy

    20/11/2005 at 1:45 am

    I’m with “Heather” & “Sade” 100%. Beyonce is an attractive young girl but she needs to realize that although this is her career, it is about walking the walk, not just talking the talk. No, there isn’t anything wrong with looking sexy, but by calling yourself a Christian you should lead by example. Christians are not perfect, no one is, we all make mistakes and act inappropriately…however, the Lord frowns on people who capitalize on money & sexuality while claiming to serve Him. Her spirit doesn’t seem to be humble. She seems to love the fact that people worship her more than anything. It’s fun to be admired and looked up to…but never lose sight of the fact that you’re only human. Anything can happen, you can lose what you’ve worked for without notice.
    Hollywood certainly doesn’t want females in a nun’s habit & she does have a good body, but her whole fake persona is off-putting. She isn’t harming anyone but there seems to be something hypocritical about her. Most things about her don’t ring true. I’m not “hating” or disrespecting her, I simply observe a person whose words contradict her actions. Her appearance is also questionable. She is a physically attractive person, I realize that most people in Hollywood reinvent themselves to further their careers, but this is not the Beyonce I remember when DC started out. All that fake BLONDE weave & excessive makeup is hiding her beauty, not enhancing it. The Lord created a beautiful brown-skinned woman, not somebody who attempts to parody the looks of her white counterparts so her sales will go up. B., please don’t be like Lil’ Kim or Tyra Banks or any other young confused Black woman with an identity crisis.
    She has been blessed with a good voice & the ability to dance. She is a good-looking young sista. Hopefully she will do some soul-searching because she is amazingly talented.

  22. Mindy

    20/11/2005 at 1:48 am

    Oh, and Jazz: plenty of good Christian women have had abortions. Plenty of them have had premarital sex & children out of wedlock. Plenty of them were once strippers or prostitutes or drug addicts. Please don’t confuse “Christianity” with “perfection”.

  23. Jazz

    08/12/2005 at 10:43 pm

    Whats up,
    I feel were you are coming from, I was just saying that seems a little weird. I cant stand people that does wrong and try so hard to cover it up. Its like she acts as if she is this strong woman that never does anything wrong. White people thinks she is so diffrent than other black woman. Because she is so humble, ad she carries her self like a real lady. Only god is the judge of what she does nobody else. But much love to your response.

  24. Kennadi

    25/12/2005 at 9:40 pm

    Beyonce isn’t nasty. For your infomation Now why you say my first fan Beyonce kissed Maddona and Brittney at the MTV Music Video Awards I watched it I didn’t see anything. about that.

  25. Evelyn

    23/01/2006 at 3:24 am

    Beyonce does not carry herself like a Christian woman. Around 30 years ago Donna Summer sang a song called Love to Love you Baby in which she moaned like crazy. Beyonce did a cover of that song. Now, Summer says she is a Christian and will not sing that song ever again. Wait 30 years, maybe Beyonce will return to God then like Summer did.

  26. LovelyIndeed

    13/02/2006 at 7:21 pm

    I am a 21 yr old african american woman who would love the be a singer or an actress and have fans and be a superstar. I don’t know one black woman who wouldn’t want that. I think everybody needs to understand that from the beginning of time women were beautiful and with time the became more comfident and realized they were powerful and sexy and some felt good showing it off because they were confident and loved themselves and thats all the beyonce is doing. Making good music with the voice God gave her and fufilling her desiny and being a sexy sensual woman at the same time. And even through her fame will cost her the criticism of everyone God does know her heart and there are far worse things in the world a sinner can do than wear scantily clad clothes and celebrate her womaness and so many actresses and singers have been doing it for decades so whats the difference with her doing it? Shes just happy with her body and her talent and she wants to show it to the world and love God at the same time. She may be wrong for judging the way someone els wants to express their sexualness but she still isin’t the worst one out there.

  27. david becham

    28/03/2006 at 10:15 pm

    i love her so much that i want to marry her

  28. Esha

    23/04/2006 at 1:53 am

    I truly dislike Beyounce because the media makes it seems like she’s the only singer that exsist out their.Let me tell you it plenty of singers out their that would blow her under the table like Pattie LaBelle,Rachelle Ferrell,Ledisi,Kelly Price,Etc.We all know Pattie LaBelle is a living ledgend and all will be in my eye.The only reason why those womans I just mentioned aren’t in the spot light is because they aren’t pretraying themselves as white woman or nor are they selling sex like Beyonce.Beyonce is Truly a hipocrite,don’t try to pertray yourself as a christion but on 90% of your videos your almost naked,the only reason why she has big hipps is because she has thrown away so many babies,we all know she was pregnant by Jay-z a few times that’s why they were talking about marriage 3 months after meeting one another but she so selfish and she wants to keep the spot light she got rid of it.It really irritates me when I’m reading something about Destiny’s Child and they only show Beyonce face,I dont understand that this is the first group that I notice where the group leader got all of the attention.You didn’t see that type of action with TLC,SWV,EnVogue,Boyz to Men,and so forth on…Just with Destiny’s Child.I feel sorry for poor little Michelle she doesn’t need to be in that group she another hipocrite she a gospel singer but she practually nakes in most of the DC’S videos also. God don’t like uglyness nor does he care much for beauty her greedyness for the spot light will end her up right into the pits one day.

  29. shay

    19/03/2007 at 4:27 am

    People are getting everything mixed up with Beyonce’. Who out of all of you people who wrote a comment honestly know this woman? No one really knows her true motives, or how religious she may be. Get a clue, get a life. People are jealous. And as for the abortions, were you her doctor? No? oh then you must have been the one right beside her holding her hand. I’m pretty sure She didn’t tell the press about her abortions, and neither would a PROFESSIONAL doctor, her file is CONFIDENTIAL. And her faith in GOD? I seem to remember priest who were having sex with little boys.. but they were up in the church house singing their blues away to God Almighty right?? Like I said get a clue. She has the freedom to express herself, stop hating because she’s a megastar and I love her. one more thing, as far as the destiny’s child thing goes, all of the women have talent, but Beyonce’ posses the most. She cannot be held back, if the other two were unhappy I’m sure they could have STEPPED!!! Plenty of singers do sing better than Beyonce’ but being an artist is not based on ONE talent alone. She dances, she sings, she has a damn good stage performance, she acts, and she is a good woman to her fans. why hate on this woman? She chose to do something with her talents, it’s not her fault she is better than the average. Beyonce’ I appreciate you. Keep doing what you do, and as long as you have haters, you know your worth, because if you meant nothing,they would not waste their time.. :)

  30. bitch

    20/11/2008 at 11:31 pm

    what christianity you bitch! just because you were taught christian standards, that does not make you a christian. a true christian would not be a married to a free mason who calls himself God and actually blasphemes jesus is one of his songs. and also christian, why do you make the symbol of the all seeing eye, DUMBASS! FUCK YOU BEYONCE!
    and what else, oh yea that is not really God telling you its okay to strip and shake your ass on stage , okay. coming from a real christian who actully accepted christ into her life when she was 16, i know about how satan shows himself as an angel of light! there is a devil that is very deceptive and will present himself as God. be careful bitch.
    aaliyah, in times like this we need you honey.

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