Welcome back our friend, former Marine, carpenter and model Jonathan Jesenski. We have met Jonathan in San Diego through our friends from Rufskin back in 2006, see the Got Milk shot taken in their kitchen here πŸ˜‰ His stunning beauty and charm was captured by many talented photographers. Joe Oppedisano see part one and two, Fred Goudon and we were really glad to assist him πŸ˜› see why here. Thank you Jonathan for taking some time for readers …


I have many obsessions in my life, work and knowledge being my main two. I strive to be the best at what ever it is I do, whether it maybe muay thai, modeling or carpentry, I truly give it my best. Most of the people who know me, tell me constantly that I work too much, but I am not near where I want to be with in the modeling world nor other aspects of my life. Knowledge being another, from culture to school, to art, and even people, I find myself fascinated with a thirst to learn and experience everything there is to offer. I just returned from a 35 day stay in Israel and loved every moment nothing more educating than experiencing totally different culture and truly being engulfed in it.

You have to have humor in life, especially in this industry, otherwise you will never make it out alive; but I would like to think that I have a pretty good sense of humor, from finding myself laughing at the different types of people on the train, to how the fashion industry has found a way to sell high water AKA Capri pants with the high end fashion suits these days… and of course people buying and wearing them. Humor I truly believe is everywhere, if you take anyone from any walk of life, and give them a ticket to a high end fashion event, you can be sure they will see plenty of humorous things their… πŸ˜‰ to have a light look on life cuts back on unneeded stress.

Wow, when I hear this word I immediately think of American society, labels are what drives the fashion and entertainment industry, which in return drives America. This I find to be sad, but labels are everywhere. I truly try hard not to label anyone. I don’t care what people do, think, or how they decide to live their lives, as long as they don’t attempt to force their views onto me. I myself deal with being labeled daily. From every casting, to all the different things I did in my past, which I am very aware that it all has to do with the decision I made, but I truly am labeled constantly, which for me makes no sense. I believe that envy and the feeling of knowing dirt on someone drives people to do things that are not needed. I remember speaking with Chad White at our agency Christmas party who I hadn’t seen in a long time since we where both roommates at the modeling apartment, and I told him,”I was so happy for everything that was happening with him and his success, because it is always good to see good things happen to good people, which unfortunately you don’t see very often.” His reaction was something as of feeling honored to receive such a compliment from someone like me. I guess I just wish that others would think the same way… I have no problem with anything I do or have done in my life, I just wish that people felt the same. I know that if you take away the industry labels that I would be in a much better position as a male model today. Yet I will never give up on things that I believe in.

I love this word, at times I think that i am a bit over ambitions. I want to do everything that I can in my life, and I truly strive to take different avenues to one day be completely free of finical burdens. I think this is the true way of freeing yourself from society standards, yet I don’t just attempt to do this for myself, yet for my family. Since the loss of my brother I feel that I walk the path of more than just myself, and I do believe that my parents (who are saints, for having to deal with me) deserve more in life, to see my mother having to work two jobs at her age, makes me to strive harder and harder, makes me so ambitious that I want to conquer the world only to turn around and to free the hard working people of society, to attempt to bridge the gaps between rich and poor… ambition is a word that inspires me to do and achieve things in my life that I would have never thought possible. However I am very aware not to cross the line between ambition and selfishness, I will achieve my goals from loss and pain of another. Sometimes this road may take a lot longer, but I truly believe it to be a better path.

For me the true meaning of life, you are only as strong as the ones who love and support you, you cannot live your life angry, you have to have love of family, friends, partners the whole nine. For me one of my main goals is to have a family, to find love, to instill in my children the values that I have learned, to watch them grow and chase their own dreams as I have always done. Love drives me daily, my love for perfection, my love for live, my love for happiness… without the emotional connection of love to things that I due, then I would not be able to find meaning behind it all. Without love I would feel as if I would be just waiting to die. I have met many amazing people in my life, and have felt love so strong, that once it was gone it cramped my stomach to think of not having the feeling any more. To know these feelings makes me a better person, and hope to find those feeling again some day. Yet love is also the hardest thing I have ever attempted to chase. I am not your average character, and have a very, I mean very colorful past which we will not get into at this moment, so to find someone to love me whole heartedly with all my flaws and without judgment of my past is very difficult, I know that finding love is no easy task for anyone, and I hope someday I will have it again.

The story of my life, from Kentucky to the marines, from burring dead people in Iraq to doing carpentry in San Diego, to college student, to model. To take it a step further, from small town boone county boy, to a male model on the men’s board of Major Model Management in Manhattan, from rent in KY being 450 dollars month to own a condo, to 5000 dollars just to rent in NY, to going to school only seeing one Asian and black student, joining the military and my best friends ending up being all aspects of life and sexuality. My ability to adapt has kept me sane over the years and gave me the ability to meet and love some of the most amazing people in my life. My ability to adapt and accept things and people is truly one of the strong aspects of my personality, if only there was a way that I was able to see the same things in the industry that I work in, or the society that I live in. Don’t get me wrong I don’t classify everyone in this category within the fashion industry, some of the most amazing and unique people I have met were because of modeling, but as a whole the industry definitely needs some work…


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  1. Brenton

    09/05/2008 at 4:12 pm

    I’ve been lucky enough to interview Jonathan a couple of times ages ago on Aussielicious and he is seriously one of the nicest, down to earth, warm hearted guys I’ve ever spoken to.
    Thanks for reminding us!
    Brenton x

  2. jonathan

    10/05/2008 at 11:58 am

  3. kimberly jesensky

    25/07/2009 at 11:03 am

    you sound really nice my grandpas name was johnathan jesensky, so Ive googled his name and you popped up. crazy didnt think anyone else had our name, ha ha . well good luck in all you do.jesenskys are tough!

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