The Fight Is Not Over Yet
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Those past couple of days have been like an emotional roller coster for us. The move from Paris, our new life in California, the election of Barack Obama, and sadly ... the Proposition 8! Tonight a protest rally was organized in West Hollywood. As soon as we have heard we did our best to bring as many people as we could. Right now we are not sure how many took part in this protest but it was a LOT!

We went there with Trent and then our friends Darion and Jordan joined us, then thousands of people ... it was crazy, just like this stupid proposition 8!


The rally took place on San Vicente Blvd. between Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Blvd. but it was quickly divided in groups of people who went in different directions, Beverly Hills, Hollywood ... the marches trough the streets of Los Angeles lasted more than 3 hours.


Like I have said it was crazy, we did not planned to block the streets but it just happened and watch below how it felt as an insider ...


Tomorrow another rally is set to take place in Los Angeles at 2pm right in front of the ... Mormon church! Members of the Mormon church from around the country have funneled $22 million into the state of California in order to revoke the existing right of gay and lesbian families to marry.


I believe that if churches wants to be involved in politics they should simply lose their tax exempt status! The economy could always use some extra cash right !? and obviously the mormon church has a lot of extra cash to spend on things like taking away people's rights ... Something to think of Mr President!


UPDATE: Lance Bass who was heading west on Sunset Boulevard last night had a little and friendly encounter with the prop 8 march.



Police officer Jason Lee says marchers were mostly peaceful but four people were taken into custody at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland when they tried to cross a line of officers [Sign on San Diego]



im from the bay area, and almost every county here is against 8; with 77% in SF & 63% in where i live.
unfortunately not in so cal. more rallies like this is necessary.
THANK U for doing this!!!

I'm really sad about this prop. and I really hope it'll change..
I'm planning to come to California asap but this decision make me so sad that I'm really hesitating..
By the way I'm finishing my studies so wait n see

this is amazing, u guys did a good job! as long as everyone keep it safe and peaceful, more protest rallies must be done!

All I can say is that the experience was amazing. I wrote a blog about it. Check myspace.com/djnovajade.

Tonight I felt inspired. Tomorrow, we go to the Mormons!

It's sad that one law that has been aproved goes after to referendum and loses it efect.
Can you tell someone that you are marryed and them you not?
As allways the rights are been keept away just like here in Portugal, because we are just like every mortal to pay for the state, but we are anormal when we require equallity (not different rights but the same).
Steph and Alek, you are in a good position (for the people you know)to star a movement, equal to the one that existed when was the strike of the guild writers that stoped the most important industry in California (movies, tv, etc), sending to the ones that are subscrived in the ohlalaguys and to everyone you know, including famous people to stop and think that if the rights aren't respect as the law exists, they move from California with their taxes to another place.
Is allways about the money!
Sorry for not been ther to satnd for you, me, and the whole world that deserves the SAME rights, but the work has to be done here also.
As Barack said: YES WE CAN!!

While pointing the well-deserved finger of blame at the Mormon Church, let's not forget the knife-in-the-back from the Black community. Depending on the poll, 70% to 90% of the church-going black community voted "yes"; much higher than among Hispanics...or for LDS-members.

And the Democratic Party and soon-to-be-President Obama didn't lift a finger to support the gay community in California...while taking their money.

This is so unfair and sad. Why do we have to take this??? Who are the mormons, or whoever it is to choose our rights and lives???
I'm in NYC, but I would have loved to be on that march and to raise my voice. We are in 2008, supposedly hope is in the air, and change, but WHEN WILL IT CHANGE FOR US?

I am really disappointed in Barack Obama. He was just so silent on the issue that he knows is so important to gays across the country. Being a black man, he should know that "separate but equal" is not equal. He's really proven himself to be the typical politician.

In 1964 blacks and whites couldn't marry each other either. How would the vote have turned out in the deep South if they allowed those people to vote on it. Our rights were snatched away from us and the movement was funded by a group of people that were just marrying 12 year girls just a few years ago.

A majority should not be able vote away the rights of a minority, that is why we will continue to fight! No more Mr. Nice Gay!

We have had peaceful protests long enough!

Mike Wilson
Highland, Ca.

Thank god prop 8 passed!

AWW the "no on hate" poster lance is putting on his dash was mine!
<3 lol
whod think id be excited about that! what an awesome night!

I don't know why that West Hollywood crowd are all pissed off at blacks because they voted 70% in support of proposition 8. The reaction they are having toward blacks, etc. is "exactly" why they voted the way they did.

Everyone knows those Gays up in Weho are some of the most "racist" group of people unless it benefits "them". Here's some advice West Hollywood Group or Gay's. How about trying to treat people the way you want to be treated.

If you all want Prop 8 passed one day and get the support -- how about getting the support of these other "groups" and help them understand why they should support your cause.

Calling people names and using the "slave derogatory word" won't get you anywhere. If anything it will make people vote against you. Final word, take "no one's vote" for granite.

Hatred and ignorance has no place in America anymore! If you want "America" to change -- you have to start in your own house first.

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