Photography by Thomas Synnamon

Photography by Thomas Synnamon


Levi Poulter aka Miami Levi has a huge online following and fans all over the world, and we are happy to be able to bring you this personal interview with this amazingly attractive 33 years old model from Florida. Photos in the gallerie below are all taken by New York photographer Thomas Synnamon. Enjoy!

Q: You have graced the covers of many international magazines. How did you start modeling ?

ML: It is funny because I have always said that I started modeling at 24, and that I started with Abercrombie and Fitch. Well the truth is that I started at 22 and began in London. It was so hard and I rarely got booked, partly because I had no experience. I was so down and I finally had a friend introduce me to a guy that ran a magazine. Fortunately he had a shoot coming up and decided to give me a chance! The magazine was called ‘Cities to Cities’ and I did an editorial spread inside with 3 other guys. That was my first magazine that I can remember. Just recently I was selected for the cover of the UK magazine reFRESH. I was talking to the editor, David Tickner, just a couple days ago and we realized that we already knew each other. When I was in London he was editor of Cities to Cities. He was the “guy” that gave me my first job AND chance. What a small world! He even has the images still. So in all fairness, that is how I started modeling. I went to London hoping to get work and have now come full circle.

Q: Your exceptional body must be like this partly because of genetics, but what are you doing to stay in shape?

ML: You’re right. I do have good genetics. Thanks mom and dad :-) but I also have a hard time keeping muscle on. I have a fast metabolism so if I am not eating a ton and working out hard I will lose weight. I am also 6’2 so it is hard to make those long skinny muscles look pumped and round…lol. I find the best workout for me though is to focus and doing supersets and watching my rest periods so I don’t cool down (One exercise followed immediately by another focusing on the same muscle)

Q: Do you have a special diet that you are following?

ML: Another reason to hate me…lol…no special diet. I do eat healthy on a regular basis, but that is more so because of the way I was raised. I grew up eating vegetables from the garden and whatever livestock we were raising at the time. We didn’t have extra money for sweets and stuff like that. So as an adult now i love vegetables and I use sauces, creams and butter sparingly. On the other hand though, I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know. Every night I need a sweet. My favorites are Sweedish Fish. Not sure if you know that candy or not.

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Q: Have you been tempted to take any products and supplements? Which ones and why?

ML: I have been tempted to take nutritional supplements but don’t just because I have never studied or researched them to know what the effects are and which are the best. I need to do that. As for as steroids or something like that…no …never. I have friends that have and they may look good at times but that stuff is so dangerous and just not worth it. Besides….I see it as cheating…lol. I would rather sweat my ass off in the gym. I really think American guys rely way to much on supplementing their physique instead of actually working on it.

Q: What would you tell to someone who would like to have body like you?

ML: Hire me as a trainer! Depends on the person too. We all have different genetics so first thing is for them to realize what type of body they can realistically have. May not be like mine, but it can be equally fit. Did that make sense? For example i will never have a body like my friend Juan. He is Colombian and 5’6″. Every muscle on his body looks like a bubble. My body isn’t built that way. I just realized that I am giving loooong answers, aren’t I. I am passionate about fitness. I even became certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Q: What was your favorite photo session?

ML: My favorite shoot was a campaign for womens shoes…lol. We shot in the Adirondacks in New York. It was an amazing place and lots of models there. I had a great time and was treated like royalty. :)

Q: In which city do you live and why?

ML: Miami. I moved here about 12 years ago with the intention to stay for a year or two. I’m still here.

Q: What is your favorite city to visit?

ML: That’s tough….hmmmm. Rome or Barcelona. I speak Spanish so Barcelona is easier for me than Rome, but I love both places. There is just an exciting energy there and sexy sexy people. :)

Q: What do you wear when you sleep?

ML: Nothing

Q: What is your favorite car?

ML: Well, since a kid it has been a Porsche 911 Carrera, but I would also take an Aston Martin DB9 if you twist my arm.

Q: And your favorite sport is?

ML: Soccer to watch, volleyball to play.

Q: Tell us where do you see your self 5 years from now?

ML: Probably in Miami. Hard to say in this economy. It sucks. Things are different now for me than they were 1-2 years ago. My priorities are changing and I realizing what I value. If things go as planned I see myself living between Miami and Vigo (Spain), things rarely go as planned though so I will probably be flip’n burgers at a local joint.


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