Relatively new to the world of male models, 24-year old Tyler Lough spent his
boyhood in Ohio and is now living in Los Angeles where he is signed with Nous Model Management. Tyler has already worked for the best in the business including Polo Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and Fitch, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tetu Magazine and, of course, International Jock.

Tyler Lough is quite a regular on OhLaLa and you can see more photos of him HERE.

During his photo session last week at the International Jock studios, Tyler was shot wearing Calvin Klein’s new Fall collection of men’s underwear and new styles from Activeman and Hugo Boss.


After the photoshoot that you can enjoy in the gallery below, International Jock sat down with Tyler for a short interview:

Tyler, I really enjoyed working with you on the two shoots we’ve done so far. We’ve shot a lot of models over the years and you are definitely one of the best we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. How do you like modeling underwear and swimwear?

It really doesn’t feel any different from doing suits or clothes anymore, but it does get a little cold on set (laughs). Also knowing I have to be in great shape for a job gives me something to work hard for at the gym.

Do you also work in TV or the movies? Have any aspirations to be an actor?

Acting is something I am starting to take seriously and devoting a lot of time to. For models the hard thing is to try and break away from being sent on roles only as a good looking person and to get people to see that you might have talent.

What kind of underwear do you usually wear every day?

Boxer briefs

Do you wear anything to bed? Do you sleep in the nude or wear pajamas or what?

Normally old basketball shorts

And what about for swimming or a day at the beach. What do you wear?

I have a couple pairs of board shorts I got right before I moved to California. Hard for tan lines however.

How do you feel about the idea that there will be all these photos of you wearing underwear on the internet and men and women will be lusting after you?

It is still strange to me and my friends to think people want to see pictures of me. I’m a really down to earth person and somewhat shy when it comes to taking pictures.

What does your girlfriend think about your modeling career?

I know it sounds like a cliché, but my girlfriend has been the biggest blessing in my life. She is very supportive and understanding of my job. It’s really hard for most models to maintain relationships because of all the travelling and the crazy lifestyle.

How old are you and where did you grow up?

I’m 24 and I grew up in a small town in southeastern Ohio.

What kind of work did you do before you started modeling?

I haven’t had the chance to hold a real 9 to 5 job because I started modeling during my last year of college. But during the summers while I was in school I would work construction for my dad’s company back home and as a personal trainer on the side. So I do know what hard labor is like and feel very blessed to be able to work in the modeling industry.

You’ve got an incredibly well-defined body. How do you stay in shape – do you work out or play sports?

Since I was 4 years old I have always been active in sports. I played college basketball for a few years. This was expected of me since my brother, sister, and father all played sports in college. I think I really lucked out with my genetics. My work ethic in sports carried over easily into staying in shape for modeling. I don’t crash diet or live in the gym but just make it a lifestyle to live healthy and exercise.

What about your diet, do you eat anything special to keep your body in shape?

I don’t stay on a crazy diet or anything. I just try and control my portions and eat clean food. I do have a diet that is high in fiber instead of eating a lot of carbs, this helps me to stay leaner without being hungry all the time.

What about your family – tell me about them?

I have a relatively small immediate family but I do have 30 or more 1st cousins on one side alone. So if you live in my hometown and I am not related to you, it’s rare.

I know that you recently got a new puppy – how’s that going?

My girlfriend and I just adopted a 2 year old Pomeranian Chihuahua. He was 4 hours away from being put to sleep at the over-crowded shelter where we found him. It’s awesome to come home and have him be so excited to see me everyday. My girlfriend treats him like he is a real child, it’s really cute.


Enjoy all the photos of Tyler Lough for International Jock below.


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