We LOVE the work of Spanish illustrator Pietari Posti, especially this image above! Pietari does book covers, posters, editorials … [World Famous Design Junkies]


Meet the Karl Lagerfeld Coca-Cola Light Bottle!


Coca-Coca Light the Lagerfeld way! This favorite drink of women has called upon the genius of Karl Lagerfeld to dress the Coca-Cola light aluminum bottle. The designer affixes his style and his famous silhouette on the bottle and delivers an exclusive creation with chic lines and also a unique box in limited edition, accompanied with a bottle-opener discreetly hidden in a drawer. The Coca-Cola light box by Karl Lagerfeld is the must-have of the season! On preview from April 24th !

Not very eco-ego-friendly but hey it’s Karl;-)

Available at Colette in Paris. Price: € 60 for the full set or € 3.50 for undividual bottles.



Raf Simons is introducing its Fall/Winter 2010 accessories collection with some cool sneakers collection. Simple but sophisticated, everything we like! See more models at Raf Simons F/W 2010 Accesories.



If Raf Simons shoes are not loud enough and you rather have people noticing you (no matter what) then John Galliano has created for this summer a line of sneakers that for sure won’t leave you unnoticed on the side walk.

Personally, not a big fan of neither colors or cuts! It’s so ‘particular’ that people would anyway end up telling you … “Wow! I love your shoes” understand: “WTF is that!?” But hey I am not the only one out here so I let you be the judge and if you need an ego-booster then go for it! Also available in Black Grey and White, Yellow, Black and blue [source]


For the style facts, it was inspired by Napolean and ancient Egypt. This is when you realize that inspiration has quite the wide range.


Bentley Motors is showcasing its fastest, most potent drop-top ever, the new 2011 Continental Supersports Convertible during the New York Motor Show. The newest addition to the Continental model range features a 621-horsepower, twin-turbocharged W12 engine that is capable of running on both gasoline and E85 bioethanol, making it both powerful and environmentally conscious [source]


Pioneered by the Supersports Coupe, this FlexFuel technology offers a reduction of up to 70 % in CO2 emissions on a ‘well-to-wheel’ basis, a measure of a fuel’s net contribution to the atmosphere, not just tailpipe emissions. The new, muscular four-seat Supersports Convertible will be priced from $280,400 when it arrives at Bentley retailers this summer. I know it’s a lot of money but the good new is that you still have 78 days before the summer to save some $$$ ;-)


Always loved the work of Mark Ryden, and watching him paint is just as fascinating as the result itself! Magic created before your eyes. Mark Ryden is originally from Oregon and has designed album covers for musicians including Michael Jackson [Dangerous album cover] Mark Ryden will open a show of hotly-anticipated new paintings on April 29th titled “The Gaye 90s Old Tyme Art Show,” at the PAUL KASMIN GALLERY [source]


If you walk by a Dior store, just stop by to smell their incredible Dior Homme colognes. Cologne Blanche, Ambre Nuit, Bois d’Argent and Eau Noire. Price: € 230 each bien sur.



If you are looking for a cool bag to take a walk with your new iPad then check out MATT & NAT, we have a couple of bags from them and just love them!!! Vegan leather 100% recycled … look good and feel good! Price: $185.

They also have bigger bags for your jet set life or just going to the gym in style. Price: $245.



Seen at Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2010 men’s show, these Impulsion sunglasses feature innovative laser-cut mask frames combined with boldly colored circles for a graphic, on-trend look. Exists in Orange, Yellow, Blue or Black. Price: $450.


It’s a bit too legoland for me and you should also know that Louis Vuitton cannot guarantee that you would look as good as Gabriel Aubry ;-)


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  1. Will M.

    04/04/2010 at 11:44 pm

    I really do love when you guys post these “outnext” posts. Please keep them coming! :]

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