Dolce & Gabbana boxers
"Last summer, young boxers were welcomed in the Milanese temple of fashion. The date was at the end of July in Milan. In via Santa Cecilia a group of young boys were dragging themselves timidly towards the historic temple of Made in Italy fashion: the offices of Dolce&Gabbana in Via Santa Cecilia. The place where the two designers prepare all their collections. Where the world’s most important celebrities come and go. The most paid and famous models. The same offices in which Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld get a first look at the collection before the fashion show. Luca, Vincenzo, Diego, Damir, Bosko, Domenico and the others looked a bit lost sitting on the couches of the fitting room. Domenico Dolce made them feel at ease and asked them what kind of robe they preferred. Do you prefer long or shorts pants?"

Dolce & Gabbana boxers

"A few months later the boys started being part of a team and the liaison with Domenico and Stefano just came out on every website and media around the world: it’s the “Dolce&Gabbana Milano Thunder Italian Boxing Team”. The guys are young boxers of different weights. They will partecipate to the WSG, a tournament that will take them across the continents, they will be on everyone’s radar. "

Dolce & Gabbana boxers
“For the first time a sporting team will carry our name, this is the beginning of a new adventure for us, but also the start of a new responsibility – hanno dichiarato Stefano e Domenico – Boxing is a sport which requires discipline, willpower and courage: values we firmly believe in and that we try to pour into everything we do. With this project we want to emphasize once more the importance sports have for us, both as a source of inspiration for our creativity and as very effective vehicle for healthy, real, down-to-earth values”.

Dolce & Gabbana boxers
"They will be dressed in Dolce & Gabbana that will become the Name Sponsor of the club: their competition uniform will be in white and black, with the logo reprising the colours of the Italian flag, and the name of the athlete embroidered on the shorts and the competition robe. The formal uniform will be composed of a black two-buttoned suit and white shirt."

Dolce & Gabbana boxers
"The cities of the tournament that will start on the 19th of November 2010 and end in March of 2011 Los Angeles, Mexico City, Boston, Miami, Parigi, Istanbul, Milan, Moscow, New Delhi, Peking, Astana, Bake. The tournament WGS will see the best two boxers of each category fight against each other. It’s a personal title not for the team – therefore the winner could not belong to the team that won the world tournament. The Champion boxer can go to the London Olympics in 2012." [Swide]

These are the names of the boys divided by category:

Bantam weight (54kg) Vincenzo Picardi, Vittorio Parrinello, Vitaliy Volkov Light weight (61) Domenico Valentino, Enkhzorig Zorigbaatar, Madadi Nagzibekov Middleweight (73) Sergiy Derevyanchenko, Luca Podda, Diego Di Luisa Super middleweight (84) Nikolajs Grisunins, Bosko Draskovic, Entoni Juric Heavy weight (91) Clemente Russo, Benjey Zimmerman, Damir Belijo Head Coach: the ex world champion of heavy weights Massimi Francesco Damiani.

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