Lukas Podolski For Adidas New Performance Essentials underwear Line



Soccer star Lukas Podolski models for adidas new performance essentials underwear line!

'adidas introduces new Performance Essentials underwear line- Lukas Podolski exclusively reveals his secret on how he stays comfortable underneath when playing on the pitch. The world known German football player now wears the adidas Performance Essentials underwear and shows off his improved comfort in the newly launched Spring/Summer 2011 collection.' [source]

I know that Europeans have little issues with nudity (mostly because there is nothing wrong with being naked in the first place) but maybe this campaign happened because adidas found out about this locker room video (see the picture below) shot over the summer where Lukas Podolski 'forgot' to put any underwear while his team was filmed by a television crew :-) And adidas wanted to make sure, now that Lukas was probably 'suggested' by his coach to have his underwear on for future interviews, that he will be wearing the new adidas essentials underwear line :-) That is as simple as that  Click here or on the image for the un-balled image.


“Comfort in sports underwear is vital for me whether I am playing a tournament or completing my training. The new adidas underwear offers the maximum comfort I need while helping me to stay cool and dry, on and off the pitch. Moreover, I really like how the pieces look on me”
- Lukas Podolski


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  1. vVv

    23/02/2011 at 1:26 pm

    Łukasz Podolski is POLISH :D

  2. crh

    24/02/2011 at 8:29 am

    Yes But raised in germany since the age of 2 no? :) btw , great guy

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