France / Jon Kortajarena For Jean-Paul Gaultier New Fragrance Kokorico

France / Jon Kortajarena For Jean-Paul Gaultier New Fragrance Kokorico


Jon Kortajarena photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Jean-Paul Gaultier new fragrance Kokorico to be launch this September.

The woody cocoa fragrance features notes of fig leaves, raw cacao bean and wood.


Check out this video of the launch campaign with the iconic voice of Spanish actress Rossy De Palma. In this video we can see Jon Kortajarena shaking his sexy body.

Kokorico or Cocorico is the French translation of cock-a-doodle-doo. You may not know but the rooster aka cock is an emblem of France … et oui absolument! This version by Jean-Paul Gaultier is much more caliente

When Gaultier met with Olivier Cresp and Annick Menardo to discuss his vision for the fragrance, he told them quite simply that he wanted to interpret a "cry" : the cry of a cock, the war-cry of a warrior, a cry of pleasure from a satisfied man.

The creative vision behind Kokorico is nothing short of torrid, transcribing an aphrodisiac fragrance with a delicious sense of eroticism. And who better than Jon Kortajarena could represent all this !?!?


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    Awesome! and great article very informative

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