River Viiperi For Versace for H&M

River Viiperi For Versace for H&M

River Viiperi H&M for Versace
A couple of days ago we have been teased with the first images Daphne, Lindsey, & Sasha for Versace for H&M [First Look / Versace For H&M Fall Winter 2011 2012 Campaign] Today we get to enjoy two more images with the first men's looks rocked by River Viiperi.

The first look above is a very VERY Versace. The second look is just as flamboyant and if you love hot pink then I am sure you are pretty much dead by now.

In any case you won't remain unoticed wherever you will go, especially if someone else is wearing the same thing … after all it's H&M and with 2,300 stores in 41 countries, you "may" be runing into another flamboyant character!

ver Viiperi H&M for Versace

Vogue Russia is also giving a us preview of what's to come, for her!


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