‘Entertainment Weekly’ Sexy Magic Mike Preview

‘Entertainment Weekly’ Sexy Magic Mike Preview


EW has two new exclusive images from the film Magic Mike, featuring Adam Rodriguez, Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer and Matt Bomer who according to those interview bits has a whole new profound respect for women after he had to wax his body for the movie.

EW: We’ve got to talk about playing a stripper in Magic Mike. 
Matt Bomer: Exotic dancer. We have pride. [Smiles]

You had to get waxed, right? Did it hurt?
Yes and yes.

Have you waxed before?
I had never been waxed before. I did have to get partially waxed. I’m not a very hairy individual to begin with, but it was painful. But more than that, the pain didn’t bother me so much, it was more the feeling of feeling kind of prepubescent again, walking around with no hair on your legs, in jeans, feeling kind of naked all the time, that was odd.

Did it grow back okay?
Actually, the regrowth process was really s—-y — itchy, uncomfortable. I have a newfound appreciation for women, between the waxing, self-tanning, the constant gym time; I have a whole new profound respect for women and what they go through.

This movie is going to be ridiculous, in a good way of course [EW.com]



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  1. Patrick

    15/01/2012 at 2:28 pm

    Hard to imagine it won’t be anything but an embarrassment for all concerned. Too bad, because most of the guys are first-rate actors and very handsome. No straight men are going to go near this flick, even on a date, and too many straight women will stay away for fear of looking desperate. Which leaves Netflix, where it will be a huge success, and gay bars, where it will play forever.

  2. Frank

    15/01/2012 at 8:55 pm

    This movie will be a huge summer movie and likely great based on the director in charge. Matt Bomer’s talent and class will no doubt lead to a brilliant part, maybe the other ‘actors’ can pick up some tips from him. Please A & S, get Matt to do a photo shoot with you. He is the most perfect specimen alive and with your talents, the result, magic!

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