Have You Watched The Vampire Diaries Lately?

Have You Watched The Vampire Diaries Lately?


I am afraid to say that I have stopped watching The Vampire Diaries … and even Ian Somerhalder great abs won't make me change my mind. I used to love the show, and we had the pleasure to photograph and put on the cover of Bello Mag two of their actors, Michael Trevino (BelloMag #23) and Steven R. McQueen (BelloMag #31).


But for some reasons, the magic of vampires-werewolfs-witches is not there anymore for me. We had 4 or 5 episodes on the DVR and after 20 minutes into the first episode I found myself texting on my phone (now it may not be surprising to some as it became cultural to be on the phone 24/7) but those who know me would tell you that it means something is wrong.


Anyway I think after I've heard "we have to kill the originals" … "but you can't kill an original" … "I know but I found some need magic wood" and Elena Gilbert (or was it Katerina Petrova!? I don't even remember if she is dead or alive) say 2 or 3 times to Damon Salvatore "I have feelings for you" (or maybe she said that to Stefan) or maybe she said "I cannot love you anymore" or something close … I think I rolled my eyes and just gave up … I know it's sad I used to love this show :-(


I also know there are ups and downs in every series, Desperate Housewives was up and down for seasons before going down, like all the way down a couple of years ago, The Walking Dead is one of my favorites but this second season had some pretty boring periods (the farm-gun thing almost killed me) right now I am really enjoying Game of Thrones (some of the stories) I love the Daenerys and her baby dragons story, King Joeffrey is an absolute nightmare (in a good way … so well casted and play) the new gay king is another interesting story but for the pas couple episodes I feel like I am still waiting for this bloody winter to come … I did loved Ringer (even if the pilot was not the best production I ever seen.  I remember laughing at the boat scene) but the rest of the season was really cool, I think Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a big part in the success of this show.

So yes, maybe I should have tried harder with The Vampire Diaries … but you know what I am fine with just a couple of images of the actors shirtless once in a while!


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  1. FDS

    23/04/2012 at 1:15 pm

    Salut Steph, je n’ai jms accroché aux vampire diaries…un jour, peut-être, qui sait. par contre, j’adore TWD…même si j’ai trouvé la recherche de Sophia très très looongue…Enfin, ils sotn sortir de cette ferme, hâte de voir la suite…J ene connais pas Ringer du tout..jvais p-ê regarder le ilote suite à tes conseils…Adoré la saison 1 de GOT…n’ai vu que le no 1 de la saison 2…c’est bon de détester le roi Geoffrey…à quand un acteur de GOT ds bello (geofrey ou un autre) ??

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