David Beckham Caught By Tourists In His Underwear … Really? I Mean Really!?

David Beckham Caught By Tourists In His Underwear … Really? I Mean Really!?

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On a tour bus of movie star's homes in beverly Hills you see a lot of fences, bushes, trees, roofs and if you are lucky enough you can even get a glimpse of a garage door … it's always money well spent (not to mention they are the most annoying thing driving on Sunset boulevard, stopping any time in the middle of the streets, slowing down traffic … I pretty much hate those buses and always feel bad for the people who are sometimes roasting like chicken on the sun or hanging for their lives because their driver is on a rush).

This time a bunch of tourists stumbled on David Beckham wearing just a pair of underwear in the streets of Beverly Hills, you know David likes to walk around wearing nothing but his own line of underwear for H&M … Apparently David was out shooting his upcoming campaign and there is nothing like free publicity!

I think it is hot that we get to see David looking cute in his underwear but I don't believe for a second in the all "I got caught" embarrasement thing, I believe they did shoot in the middle of the streets on purpose to set up this encounter … first the photos are not photos from any of those tourists in the bus but of paparazzi wating nearby …. anyway, I would have loved driving by and being able to honk at him 😉

Check out all the photos on DailyMail.com

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