Madonna Brings MDNA To Los Angeles aka The Most Welcoming Place On earth … Not Really!

Madonna Brings MDNA To Los Angeles aka The Most Welcoming Place On earth … Not Really!


So as I have previously mentioned, a couple of days ago I was "fine" with the fact that we already saw Madonna's MDNA in Paris this July. But the day before her second night here in Los Angeles I could not resist the urge to check Madonna.com and see if "by any chance" there was a couple of good seats available … and bingo!

So last night was the night. From what we've heard, the night before was not a blast, Madonna herself even mentioned in a very smart way (asking someone in the audience who apparently was there the night before) and I quote "last night sucked". It was not a statement but more, "I repeat what my fan in the front row just said" … but boy I would have loved to know what was in her mind lol.

We have seen the show in Paris and even if I hated the location, Stade de France (80,000 seats) outdoor (which means kinda daylight even at 10pm, cold weather and awful acoustic) the show itself was spectacular, so I could not really understand how a night with Madonna could go wrong, and after a concert in L.A. … I get it.

MDNA took place at the Staple Center (with just 20,000 seats it felt like an intimate place compare to Paris), so that was a good start, not to mention the amazing seats we had.


Parisian DJ Martin Solveig performed for about an hour with none other than future superstar, 7 year old DJ David aka Madonna's son. It was to die for seriously he was really into it and gave his best to warm up the L.A. crowd (well good luck with that).


Now let's get to the point, L.A. crowd sucks, big time!!!!!

To make it short I would say it is a mix of "disrescpectful-hipster-I've seen it all-wannabe-bimbo-I brought my staight boyfriend who don't give a crap-drunk-mess", seriously people, stay the f**k home.

The main attraction of the night for many was probably the beer and taco stands. I could not believe my eyes when I saw people going in and out to get drinks, burgers, pizzas in the middle of the show!

I am glad the music was super loud because we could hear a girl a couple of rows behind us constantly yelling "everybody sit down now …" lol seriously, at some point all I could think of was punching her in the face with her chips and salsa.

The beer and taco stands probably reached their rush hour when Madonna started to sing 'Masterpiece" which by the way is one of my favorite songs. Litteraly you could see the crowd leaving the place like it was some kind of intermittence. Lamentable.

Another thing I have noticed compare to previous Madonna's shows I have seen through the years (and one more reason for me to hate facebook) is the number of people on their phone tweeting and doing facebook updates or texting … like the entire show. I too am guilty because I took some pics but that was 45 seconds of my time on a two hours show.

At the end less people are actually cheering and clapping for their idol …


Floor sitting is also another weird thing, there was none of that in Europe and I felt like it looked more like a concert rather than a VIP screening … anayway I don't know how, but the crowd woke up for Like a Prayer, putting phones away and dancing … yes like actually moving out of their seats.


Madonna also dedicated her Human Nature Body message to Malala, a 14-year-old education activist who was critically injured when shot by a Taliban in the head and neck while riding in a school bus because  “they were scared of the power of her vision.”


Personally we had a blast, MDNA is AMAZING, there is a great energy coming from Madonna and her dancers. If Madonna is coming to a city near you, go and see this show, you will love it … and if your dream is one day to see Madonna in the US (which was one of mine), make sure to ditch Los Angeles 😉






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  1. bloggerquest

    14/10/2012 at 12:15 pm

    Look… it’s perfectly fine to be a mega fan of the lady, but if the audience didn’t like the show, then it’s their right not to like her show, and they didn’t have to “stay at home”, because they had every right to see her concert, whether they like her or not.
    When she has a great response, it’s natural to attribute it to a great crowd enjoying a great show…. but when the response is not so good, you can’t just blame the crowd.
    And if they left during Masterpiece, well, the song might be a problem, because obviously they weren’t leaving during Express Yourself or Vogue.

  2. Steph

    14/10/2012 at 2:28 pm

    it’s not even a question of ‘response’ but just respect and attitude.
    I never saw in my life people eating full meals during a concert and even if it is a cultural thing in LA maybe I just don’t get it.

  3. Carlo

    14/10/2012 at 2:52 pm

    It is just an LA thing. I’ve seen Gaga 3 times at STAPLES and every single time she would get frustrated and scream “Get the fuck up LA!”

  4. Sam

    15/10/2012 at 11:32 am

    LOL! What a food fest of a concert. So glad I stayed home to eat!

  5. bloggerquest

    15/10/2012 at 1:21 pm

    Look…. people paid big money to see the show, and the least they can do is eat if they want to, and leave during the parts they don’t like.
    If Madonna can sing off key, then I don’ see why the audience can’t eat and leave.

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