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Do you sometimes find yourself wishing you didn’t have a tattoo? Many people who get tattoos find themselves in situations where having a tattoo is taboo. For these situations, it becomes important to cover it up so that you can make a good impression. This may be necessary for getting or keeping a job, making a good impression on parents of a soon to be spouse, or making a good impression in an interview for education.

There are several ways you can handle these situations. First, you can be forthright about your tattoo and hope that it doesn’t count against you. In some cases, you can get away with this. But in many cases, especially in the business world, this tactic just won’t fly.

The most common way to cover up a tattoo is with clothing. Wearing long sleeves to cover your arms is the most common way to cover up a tat. Wearing shirts with a higher collar can cover up tattoos that are on the back of the neck.


Wearing long pants and never wearing shorts or skirts can cover up tats on the legs or ankles. The downside to using this method is that in the summertime when it is warmer you become rather uncomfortable in the heat wearing all that extra clothing.

Another option is to cover it up with makeup. Sometimes this is the only option, such as with tattoos that are on the neck or hand. You cannot just go to the store and buy regular makeup to cover it up with.

There is special makeup you must purchase in order to be able to successfully cover up the tattoo in such a way that it is invisible and looks like your natural skin. This makeup can be fairly expensive, but it is worth it if you need to cover up a tat to become or remain gainfully employed.

Finally, you can purchase a sleeve to cover up your tattoo. Sleeves are available for the arms or legs. They are the color of your skin, and pull over your limbs to completely hide the tattoo.

If they are of quality, no one standing a few feet from you will ever realize that you are wearing anything, and your tat will not be visible either. You can get these types of cover ups from websites like The advantage to this is that it is just one investment, rather than spending money over time for makeup.

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