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JD Pardo Covers BELLO Mag #40 Entertainment Section + Video

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JD Pardo [Revolution] is on the entertainment cover of Bello Mag Beautiful issue.

Back in May when I first saw Revolution trailer [Watch: NBC’s Revolution] JD definitely caught my attention … so I am very happy to have him gracing one of the covers of this latest issue of Bello Mag. Not to mention seeing him on the big screen last night (wearing close to nothing) when Alek and I went to see Breaking Down Part 2 of the Twilight Saga … The movie would be worth watching even for this short scene with JD at the end, but to be honest with you I was really impressed with this final movie. I never liked the Twilight movies that much, I think I even missed one but cannot remember (that is how crazy I was about it) but this last movie is amazing, saving the best for last, from the story to the directing I loved it … for once the buzz is well deserved (unlike James Bond Skyfall … which I had to endure thinking at some point there would be a story worth watching, unfortunately the characters were poorly developped and I came really close of hating the movie … what kept me entertained was the decors and I even found myself thinking that I really liked the tiles in James Bond's hotel bathroom) …

JD was photographed in the lush hills of Hollywood by Aleksandar Tomovic, styling Warren Alfie Baker and interview by Hiko Mitsuzuka [source].


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"If you thought no one else could make bows and arrows, 2012′s hottest accessory, look hotter…then feast your eyes on JD Pardo, one of the stars of NBC’s high-concept thriller, ‘Revolution’. The Panorama City, California native is gearing up for a busy fall, playing the role of Militia member Nate on the blackout drama (Is he good? Is he bad?) and starring in the final installment of that little vampire saga called ‘Twilight’ — ‘Breaking Dawn, Part 2.’ Ever hear of it? We thought we could get some archery lessons from the handsome actor, but sadly, he didn’t bring his character’s weapons to our photo shoot…"

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This editorial is featured in Bello Mag #40 with Dean Geyer [Glee] and Nikki Reed [Twilight] on the double covers available worldwide on Apple Newsstand for iPad and iPhone.


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