OhLaLa A.M.A. / Christina Aguilera ‘Let There Be Love’ Hot Performance



There was some worth watching moments during the American Music Awards.

Even if most of it is painful for me to watch or listen … first I hate when people (like Justin Bieber) start their thank you speech by thanking their "haters" … really!? Thank your fans to begin with no matter how many freaking awards you get in the same night … anyway, I could not care less about him to begin with (and it was kinda painful to listen to his balade live as well). I did fast forward pretty much the all thing, especially Nicki Minaj and her beyond anoying "youu guuuysss"

The highlights of the night … Pink and her AMAZING performance with Colt Prattes her dance partner from her video 'try'.

I also enjoyed No Doubt, Keisha (loved LOVED her performance!!!!!).


and the Queen of the night Christina Aguilera with Let There Be Love (starting at 3.20) check out the dancer in his pink speedo, HOT! Those videos may not stay online much longer but if you google them on youtube I am pretty sure there will be some new uploads.

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