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Mens Tailoring: The Details Make The Man

Mens Tailoring: The Details Make The Man


Given the resurgence in the popularity of men’s tailoring, many style savvy gents are looking to dapper celebrities, such as David Beckham, Daniel Craig, David Gandy & Gary Barlow, for a source of tailoring inspiration.

However, the fact that more and more males are starting to channel their inner sartorialist means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to elevate yourself above everyone else in the tailoring style stakes.

Thankfully, we have put together a list of a few ways that you can distinguish yourself from the formal clothing also-rans, who are merely followers of trends and haven’t even begun to perfect the art of style.


One of the most basic ways to distinguish yourself from everybody else in the style stakes is by making sure your suits fit properly. Some people think that they will appear masculine and powerful (or possibly that they have been on an immense crash diet?) by wearing larger sized suits, but in reality it just looks extremely sloppy.
For example, an extremely expensive suit look can look like it’s been borrowed from your overweight uncle if it is even one-size too big. In contrast, a lesser priced suit can look immaculate if it is tailored properly.

Therefore, I would highly recommend avoiding going for the most expensive suit that you can afford, and choosing a slightly cheaper alternative instead. This way, you can spend the remaining money on taking your newly-purchased suit to a well-established tailor, who will then be able to alter your suit so that it fits like a glove; the same applies for shirts, jeans and coats.


Remember when you were growing up and you always used to hear that ‘the first thing a woman does when she sees a man is look at his shoes’? Well it’s true.

Many an outfit can be ruined with a poor choice of footwear; whether it’s shape, colour, condition or style, when it comes to footwear, men should tread carefully (pun intended).

I would highly recommend that you consider the following three things when you are deciding on your next footwear purchase; firstly, make sure the shoes reflect your own style; secondly, make a decision on whether you are going to wear your shoes for smart or casual use; and finally, make sure they are going to last!


As we all know, the days are long gone when we could pick up a can of Lynx Africa or Brut Aquatonic from the corner shop and call that a ‘signature scent’. Any sartorial male must find a scent that suits their own personality and can be worn year after year; my signature scent is Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford, and although it is a little pricey, I’m always getting asked about what scent I’m wearing, which is a sure sign that you’re on to a winner. If you are looking for some inspiration on what scent you should invest in next, check out our feature on Calvin Klein Dark Obsession, which could be a front runner for your next fragrance purchase.

As an added tip, the proper way to spray fragrance is with a small spritz behind your ears and on your wrists; this will last much longer than a quick blast in your face and isn’t going to offend any nearby nostrils.


In my opinion, the best way to separate yourself from everyone else is to invest in some immaculate accessories. By accessories, I don’t mean the blingiest piece of jewellery you can find; a simple rule of thumb is your choice of accessories should make a statement, not put on a show!

Why not invest in the ultimate fashion accessory by picking up a lighter from Dunhill? A Dunhill lighter was James Bond’s lighter of choice, in the days when his penchant for smoking was almost as big as his penchant for martinis and women. Lighters are slowly becoming the must-have fashion accessory; this trend is set to continue, with the ubiquity of retro-inspired formal tailoring, most recently sported by Justin Timberlake in his comeback performance at the Grammys. My personal favourite is the Dunhill Mosaic Turbo Lighter, which pays homage to their iconic butane gas lighters.


Finally, nothing else matters if you don’t have the confidence to feel good in what your wearing – in other words, have a little swagger in your step and the rest will follow.

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  1. Fernando Robles

    25/02/2013 at 10:37 pm

    Nice piece, I never heard about spraying the fragance behind the ears. I’ll try it, thank you Steph!

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