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The Color of Your Gemstone

The Color of Your Gemstone


When you put on your jewelry in the morning, do you think about the upcoming seasons and what this season change will mean for the color schemes of your accessories? Fashion changes so rapidly that sometimes it seems that it is almost hard to keep up, but when it comes to accessories and gemstones, they’re affordable enough to stock up and rotate depending on the styles and colors of the moment! And what does this Spring and Summer hold for the color of your gemstone collection?

In the Spring when flowers are bloom, the outside world is flush with bright colors and this will be the case for your gemstones that you’ll see at local jewelry stores. For the neon gemstones that you’re going to see, expect a blend of several interesting neon colors that blend together to make the perfect statement piece for any outfit. Basically, find a way to integrate a beautiful stone into your outfit and think of seasons as your color guide. It will be different for each of them for obvious reasons – after all, some things work wonderfully with autumn colors (amber, and reds) while other things work with the pretty, joyful colors of spring.

Another huge trend in the gemstone and jewelry department are designed based on the interesting architecture of the Bay area. Apart from the fact that each of these items tend to be unique around the world, making them quite an interesting addition, they're also something truly special. The glitz and glam of these pieces is a showstopper and are meant to be worn at any cocktail party or party gathering. When you’re purchasing these Victorian inspired pieces, look for opal gemstones, and pearls, inset into different beautiful settings with mixed metals like gold and copper. These pieces often have multiple gemstones, instead of one center gemstone. Definitely not for those who think that simple is better! Try pairing a more daring one of these pieces with some simple black diamond rings.

And if you’re planning to entertain and host parties during the Spring or Summer season this year, then you might find the Southern Belle trend very appropriate for your jewelry selection, Modeled after the jewelry collections of Southern belles and the women of the South, these pieces are mainly comprised of long strands of beads with different gemstones. Look for pieces that showcase pale purple amethyst stones, mother of pearl shells, moonstone in soft pinks and peaches or even sunstone. The look will pair well with any neutral pieces that you have and take a simple outfit up a few notches.

And if you’re looking for the biggest gemstone trend of the Summer, than look to pieces with desert inspired tones that flatter almost any skin tone. For these summer pieces, opt for rough geodes, agate in dusty pinks and blues and warm up the pieces with tones of amber for a look that is both hip and Southwestern inspired. Not to mention that they work wonderful with a tanned complexion that's so specific to summer trends.

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