Milan Fashion Week / Medieval Times By Dolce & Gabbana & 80’s Gay Cowboys-Riders Madness By Versace



Medieval times were such a blast -for kings – and it's so popular now that it's totally making a come back not only in television with awesome shows such as Game of Thrones but also on the European runways … Ok, the king's full look may not be for everyone … and Medieval prints are not the most delicate prints but Dolce & Gabanna went for it big time. Forget the happy familia from sicily with men gone fishing and women cooking and mourning their lost-at-sea husbands.


Will the chainmail armor like head pieces will be the main trend of next winter? I doubt but I love the shoes.


For some reason, Medieval times are often associated with Dragons and magic (thanx to Game of Thrones and other Lord of The Rings) … but the Medieval period really did took place minus the Dragons, I am pretty sure of that. In fact I grew up in the land of the Middle Ages – south west of France – and was surrounded by countless castles, bastides, fortress, various ruins – in which I used to play as a kid – and villages dating from that era, which did not mean anything to me back then but now that I live in a city where the only thing getting old to me are potholes all over the place, I realized how lucky I was growing up in the South of France.

So yes I am loving this Medieval inspired collection !!!!


Plus we never get to see what kings were wearing when they took of their clothes … now we know ;-)




Oil-stained denims, bandana-printed briefs and underground cowboys-bikers inspired looks … the Versace show was for sure one hell of a ride.


"There's a young Versace customer who is looking for these products" insisted Donatella "I'm inspired by the confidence of the models." who btw are not really the Versace customers looking for those products. 

I love Donatella, the clothes she makes are definitely editorial pieces!!!!!




Yes, it's great to book a Versace runway show when you are a model … and then …How will you explain this to my grand mother back in Kansas? ;-P



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