BEAR TO BARE – The Inside Scoop on Axiom For Men’s Latest Photo Shoot with Stuart Reardon

BEAR TO BARE – The Inside Scoop on Axiom For Men’s Latest Photo Shoot with Stuart Reardon


Over the recent Martin Luther King weekend, Axiom For Men’s international crew met to execute an ambitious two-day photo shoot over several locations in Southern California. The creative team came in from outposts in England, Amsterdam and New York to meet up with Axiom’s founder, Mike Waxman to show just what is possible with the company’s hair removal and grooming products.

Months before the shoot, Waxman asked professional rugby player and model, Stuart Reardon, if he would mind growing out his hair and beard. “To our core, Axiom For Men is all about having the confidence to carry off whatever look men feel best suit themselves, whenever they want. Fortunately for us, we just happen to have the highly versatile Stu Reardon as the face of Axiom For Men. In just two days, he pulled off five distinct looks, all the while doing handstands, planks, Iron Crosses on the rings; diving into a pool in a suit; and soaping up in a freezing-cold outdoor shower. Knowing what we pulled off in such a short time-frame is something I’m extremely proud to have been part of. Stu is the perfect embodiment of what Axiom For Men is trying to achieve.”

Using the famous Muscle Beach as the shoot’s first set, photographer Paul Reitz shot Stu in full mountain man mode in a gray hoodie and short, tight (see just how short and tight for yourself!) red-and-white shorts. “This shoot was one of the most complex and fun of my career,” says Reitz. “Since I only shoot in natural light and had several sets to get to throughout Southern California, there were a lot of logistics we had to work out in a short amount of time. I’ve worked with Stu many times and am grateful to call him a good friend, and true to form he was willing to try anything we asked of him and delivered shot after shot. Stu is one of the rare people who is truly as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside.”

The result begs the question, what can’t Stu do (is ‘that voodoo that Stu do’ stuck in your head now)? Seamlessly morphing from grizzly bear to fetish leather daddy to hot guy in a suit to clean-shaven athlete, Stu rocks each and every look and makes them his own. In talking to Waxman about the company’s mission and seeing the photos from the shoot, it’s clear that the socially committed hair removal and grooming company is sincere in wanting to give men the tools they need to own their look—at any given time. Waxman firmly believes that when men feel good about themselves and are truly comfortable in their own skin, they are more likely to accept others for who they are and respect their choice to live their lives as they see fit.

Filled with this spirit, the crew headed south to Palm Springs, and set up camp at the gorgeous, mid-century hideaway, The Hotel Lautner. Against this Mad Men-meets-the-desert backdrop, a short-haired and stubble-faced Stu modeled a towel and variety of super sexy bathing suits, absolutely embodying the strong modern man. His confidence and open-mindedness comes straight through while inhabiting this persona, as it does in all the others.


“In my previous life, I assumed that people who are constantly changing their looks are searching for something or trying to reinvent themselves”, says Waxman. “With the hard-won experience resulting from a heart attack and a major reshuffling and prioritizing of my life, I realize now that experimenting with different looks is not about attempting to fill some hole, it's about the freedom of expression and presenting yourself to the world in a way that represents your inner self at a particular time. Axiom For Men is not here to tell you that you should shave your chest or get rid of your beard, but hey if you want to get rid of that ear hair or shoulder hair, we can help. We want to provide effective grooming solutions that allow you to go out into the world with your best face forward. Axiom is all about providing a strong foundation and helping you have great skin no matter what look–even if you prefer to cover it up with make-up.”

About Axiom For Men Axiom For Men is a hair removal and grooming company that is committed to effecting positive change in the LGBT community. Five percent of every purchase is donated to one of these five charities as chosen by customers: The American Military Partners Association, Athlete Ally, Family Equality Council, The National Center for Transgender Equality and The Trevor Project. To own your look and support a worthwhile cause, please visit


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