Guess What!? Finn Wittrock Is taking Another Blood Bath In AHS: Freak Show

Guess What!? Finn Wittrock Is taking Another Blood Bath In AHS: Freak Show


Thank goodness for actor Finn Wittrock in this season of AHS. As you know I am a big fan of Finn (his butt) and his creepy Dandy character. As for the Freak Show season, I am still unsure of my feelings. The really scary part for me is that I have to process the fact that Neil Patrick Harris will be in the show soon … As some of you may know, there is something about NPH (the actor/performer) that I do not like. Nothing personal, I just don’t have this excitment about him that most people seems to have …

But let’s go back to the good stuff. Dandy (Finn Wittrock) is really taking his blood bath routine seriously for the past couple of episodes, you may remember he showed us his hot butt last week [Finn Wittrock ‘Dandy’ Takes A Blood Bath In AHS: Freak Show] It was rather quick and kind of dark … this week in the ‘Tupperware Party Massacre’ episode it was rather long and kind of clear 😉 Watch this episode online here.


The scene featured Gabourey Sidibe who may not have had a lot of on screen moments this season but she for sure got a pretty good scene right there.

Check out more images from Finn Wittrock and Gabourey Sidibe in AHS: Freak Show here.







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