The Walking Dead New Hot Couple Comes With No Warning!

The Walking Dead New Hot Couple Comes With No Warning!


First things first I have to send all my love to all the haters (ignorant people, blessed their heart) out there being completely outraged and horrified by two man kissing … in show with flesh eating, brain blowing, massacres, cannibalism, child rape etc etc … #cute.

Also note that there was very little if none complains about a lesbian character in the show aka Tara.

The ‘best’ (or worst) thing I have read is this tweet:

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.42.35 PM

LOL! isn’t that one of the funniest tweet ever? I mean people are cracking me up.

Please, if you are reading those kind of comments and questioning who you are and feel different, unaccepted, you should know that if people are talking like that it is mostly a reflection about their own insecurities in general manifesting through hate.

We are all unique regardless of our sexuality or race. I grew up listening to my parents saying gay people should die and seeing my mother throwing dishes away rather than having them washed after a gay man once came to a dinner party at our house … trust me as they say ‘it gets better’. Thankfully I was gay, I cannot imagine the impact those words and actions would have had on me if I were straight. Would have grew up being like them? That is the scary part for me. There is a reason why we are different and it is not to judge other’s people ignorance.

As for The Walking Dead … OMG I love this show so much. Good for them for throwing a gay kiss without warnings lol I cannot wait to see where this is going.





I haven’t read the comic but my feeling is that those two lovers may be the only two people in the camp … I want to love them they look so dorky and sweet and genuine but it’s The Walking Dead and maybe the others in their camp died, left, were killed or could not bare the perfection that is a household ruined by two gay guys with their fresh linen, cookies, limonade … imagine the horror!? One thing is for sure, things will go down at some point and sooner than later. Is it Sunday night already? I am so not ready for this season to end.

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