Listen To Madonna’s Interview With Howard Stern

Listen To Madonna’s Interview With Howard Stern


Take the next hour and a half and listen to this interview!

I am not one to say to anyone what they should or have to do but this time I may.

Madonna joined Howard Stern for what I feel like is her best interview. Maybe it’s because it lasted so long (and still felt like an instant) maybe it’s because it just happened and I am not one who likes to live with nostalgia, but this hour and a half, yes people, Madonna gave an hour and a half of her time to Howard and her fans is a must listen. Sure she is promoting her new album (as she should) but it is a great interview.

I actually took the time to just sit with a drink and listen to the all thing not doing anything else (I am not as busy as Madonna).

I was surprised that at some point she said “hope I am not boring anyone with my story …” I mean … are you kidding me!? First I do not thing anyone’s life experience is of boring matter, but we are talking about Madonna. The energy she put in her life is truly motivational. She is an artist and I can relate to her state of creation and insecurity about her art. Creating in general is a very intimate thing and something that can hurt you deep … also this is where you learn the best. And she believes in reincarnation so that is a plus in my book!

This is a great interview and I wish we could hear of Madonna more often. But the good news is that we have her new album with a few of my favorite songs she ever did. Living for Love is sure a hit, Holy Water is hot too but Ghosttown … damn, Ghosttown !!! This song is filled with pure love.

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