Madonna In Tears On French Television + Rebel Heart In Paris, Should I Or Should I Not?

Madonna In Tears On French Television + Rebel Heart In Paris, Should I Or Should I Not?


Madonna is going on tour starting August 29 in the heat of Miami. She will make her way to Los Angeles at the end of her North America leg (late November) and then she’s off to Europe and maybe Asia and Australia early 2016. 6 months of touring the world with a show every other day … I am already exhausted for her.

I have seen pretty much every Tour she did for the past 20 years. Will we go and see Rebel Heart? It’s very likely. The last tour she did we went to see her in Paris and then the night before her L.A. performance I could not help but buy last minute tickets to go and see her.

First I was really surprised to find good seats for a low price the night before the concert, maybe I was lucky, maybe it is always like that I do not know. What I know is that the world is full of idiots who are about to buy tickets to sell them the next day for twice the price. Just get a job you losers.

But the question is where should we see her? Last time was our very first time to see her in America and I have one thing to say, the crowd suck big time in L.A. OMG you have no idea. People are half asleep, eating drinking … it’s not the beer festival you idiots it’s a concert. Pay attention to the artist, have some respect and wait an extra hour to get wasted or stuff your face with nachos. Gross.

The other thing is that Paris concert was awful, not because of the crowd but because of the venue. The Stade de France is the worst for concerts, it is outdoor, the sound is scary and it is HUGE and when I say HUGE, 90% of the public probably saw Madonna the size of a pea. I swear I would never go back to see her there even tho we had relatively good seats.

The universe was kind to me this time and guess what? She will performing in Paris at Bercy, which is a nice indoor ‘cosy’ venue. Also I found the crowd in Europe to be a little bit more excited, so maybe we’ll plan a family visit early December this year, skip the family part and just see Madonna in concert and enjoy a few days in Paris.


Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.49.01 AM

In other Madonna news, just a few hours ago she was on French television, Canal +, where she met Luz a journalist from Charlie Hebdo … and she could not hold her emotions.

You can watch the full interview along with her performance below source.



She also performed my favorite song Ghostown !!!!


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