Another Sense8 Extremely Hot Scene For Your Viewing Pleasure

Another Sense8 Extremely Hot Scene For Your Viewing Pleasure

If you have Netflix you HAVE to watch the first season of Sense 8, like right now … and if you don’t have Netflix then it is time to subscribe if you can!

Alek and I started watching Sense 8 about a week ago and we did our best not to watch all 12 episodes in one day/night. I have mentioned this new incredible series here and here.

We still had 3 episodes left when OITNB got an early release on the 11th, we were excited and thought it would be a nice way not to rush into the last few Sense 8 episodes we had left. But about 10 minutes into the first episode of OITNB we just could not get our minds to switch to Piper Chapman and Alex issues (I am sorry but those two are the weakest characters on the show, seriously!!!! I still like them but they are far from being my favorites). So we switched back to Sense 8 and binged all the way thought the season finale …

OMG what a season!

I am still not at peace (and probably won’t be for another year) with the fact that it is over. I need a new season like by September (please!). We totally fell in love with every single one of the main characters played by Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Brian J. Smith, Jamie Clayton, Max Riemelt, Doona Bae, Tina Desai, Aml Ameen and Tuppence Middleton.


but also Freema Agyeman (below) who plays Amanita (Nomi‘s girlfriend) …


Erendira Ibarra aka Daneilla and Alfonso Herrera aka Hernando (Lito‘s lover) #VivaMexico!!!!


HUGE shoutout to Sense 8 casting director Carmen Cuba for pretty much the best job a casting director could do.

Also there are scenes in Sense 8 that would give you goosebumps, like Nomi pride speech, or even her conversation with Lito … so well written and acted!

There are some (visual) spoilers below … just be aware!

One (if not the best) sex scenes I have ever seen on any television show or movie comes in episode 6! It starts with Nomi and Amanita in San Francisco and ends up in a turkish bath in Berlin … by way of Chicago and Mexico. I know it may be hard to imagine if you haven’t seen an episode yet but trust me, that scene deserves your attention.

I love that no ‘sexual’ labels can be put on that scene (because it features gay, straight, bi and trans people all making love together) but the least I can say is that it’s very VERY sensual. Sense 8 can be very graphic at times (like the straight forward angle used for the birth scenes, not something you usually see on your small screens) but even tho they are having sex, it is very well filmed and edited, in such a way that you get lost in it just like the characters do …


Without further ado … I would like to introduce you to a preview of the hottest sex scene that ever was on television filmed:

Sense8 'THE' scene

Not sure for how long this video will stay available online, but in case you want to spoil yourself before watching this episode (or like me) watch this scene all over again (and again) here it is:

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