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Bravo America! #LoveWins

Bravo America! #LoveWins

So yesterday was an historical day for the US.

It took some time … like 15 years after the Netherlands, 12 years after Belgium, 10 years after Spain and Canada, 9 years after South Africa, 6 years after Norway and Sweden, 2 years after France … but they did it! Well Obama did it. America is now recognizing same-sex marriage, nation wide!!! Becoming with Ireland the latest countries to legalize same-sex marriage. Even tho all my respect goes to Ireland for winning this through a popular vote and we know how popular votes went here …

It took many years, and many fights for the US to get to that point and people can be proud of their country and their president!!!!

History takes time, but same sex marriage is like a rainbow that keeps getting bigger and bigger …

Talking about rainbow, after the announce by the Supreme Court, we had the pleasure to have a rare sight here in Los Angeles of a rainbow fire … I am not gonna lie, after the excitement of the announcement and all the love and support from people (we will ignore the others and have compassion for them) seeing this incredible rainbow cloud over West Hollywood gave me chills!


We were lounging by the pool with a friend when we saw this appearing in the shy. It looked much bigger than on the picture I took and posted on instagram @alekandsteph but still you can see mother’s nature support in this effort and evolution of our world to become a more loving and accepting place.

Congratulations America! Alek and I are now officially married in both our homes! France and the USA. Love always wins!

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