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Norway: Singer Tooji New Video

Norway: Singer Tooji New Video


Coming out in a youtube video is now a thing. Even tho I doubt the sincerity of some people doing so (let’s say attention, and youtube views is a bigger factor to some rather than acceptance) I can only command their courage because it is still a coming out and if it helps other feel more comfortable doing so, it’s fantastic … One day coming out will be unnecessary and out of date (and that will be a beautiful day).

I never came out, I always thought that I was who I was and when a teen I thought it would be ridiculous to have a conversation with my parents about my sexuality, I never saw my sisters discussing that part of their life with with them, they just naturally had boyfriends, so I was like, great I’ll do the same. And I did. I knew I would get a strange look or two at some point but hey, my sisters dated some big time idiots and I thought that was more disturbing for the family than me being in love with a boy. But we are all different and to every situation there is a different solution.

Norway singer Tooji found his solution in a music video + press release.



Once again we all do what makes us happy. And if making love to another man in a church makes Tooji happy why not. Sexual fetishism is not for me to judge!

“The Father Project” is an attack on organized religion’s hypocrisy and willingness to persecute others for being different.

In general I just found unnecessary to use a church to deliver your acceptance message. To be controversial? big deal. I never wanted the followers of Jesus to accept my sexuality, I don’t know those people as much as they don’t know Jesus. If a religion does not accept you why would you want to be part of it one day? And if you do not want to be part of it why target them? Unless the country you live in is a religious state, in that case your youtube video won’t be necessary because of the censorship. Also I think that having sex in public is stupid. You can have your own public to watch you if you and they like that, but the public sex thing and being excited by the fact of being caught or watched in the act is beyond gay, straight, bi or trans.

Tooji’s video as you will see, is more about the hypocrisy of religions rather than his personal coming out. Which makes more sense. Why would you come out in a church by making love to the priest? Even tho I get the message, but at the end it’s about the story of one individual not being true to who he is, maybe not about that religion in particular.

I actually know back in France a gay man who wanted to be a priest when he was younger, but comfessed before joining the church and of course, was not accepted. He is now living a life of conflicts and regrets inflicted by a community full of hypocrisy. All religions are based on one thing, love. What we see of most religions today is nothing more than a men’s miss-interpretation.

What actually disturb me the most in this video, is the fact that the priest seems to be the top. I always picture priests being more the bottom type … just kidding!






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