Madonna: It Would Be So Nice …

Madonna: It Would Be So Nice …

Madonna has started her world tour in Montreal Canada a couple of days ago and will perform tomorrow night in Washington DC.

For the first time we did not get tickets to go and see her like we (always) did in the past. For her last tour we saw her in Paris and then the night before she performed in Los Angeles we got great tickets directly on her website. This time I think we will just go with the flow and see if we are in the mood for Madonna on a last minute decision.

From what I saw, it looks nice, even tho I am not the biggest fan when she sings and perform with her guitar and I believe she does a couple of times or maybe just once (but once would be enough for me to roll my eyes) … what can I do!? It’s her tour she gets to do whatever she wants to do right? Also I am not loving the costumes, I feel like nothing pops out, and the gypsy thing (I get it she likes it) but I feel like we’ve seen it for the past 3 tours … I think she has the creativity, money and potential to do a million times better for her fans and the last but not the least (maybe it is just because it does not really show in photos or in videos) but the scene and backgrounds looks so boring. I see this giant screen (with great videos I am sure) but where’s the WOW factor? Her entrance … I mean … sure …

I wish she can prove me wrong but I am so not excited for this tour that if we end up going, my expectations are so low this time that I might actually like it. Who knows?

One thing I have noticed watching a few videos on Youtube, is this dancer during Holiday.





I love Holiday and I remember when she once said that she would not perform this song in concert ever again (she said many stupid things in the past) but I was like, ok I am done, I don’t want to see a Madonna concert without Holiday. It’s just does not make any sense to me. But apparently she may have never said that or have changed her mind.

Enjoy a little bit of Holiday from her Rebel Heart Tour.

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