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Princeton Player Mason Darrow Becomes Only Openly Gay Player In College Football

Princeton Player Mason Darrow Becomes Only Openly Gay Player In College Football

Princeton offensive lineman Mason Darrow has come out as the only openly gay player in Division 1 college football after announcing he was gay in an interview with


“I felt like I had to keep appearances up. I didn’t want to arouse suspicion that I might be gay, so I went along with the flow and did what I thought was expected of me.”

“I felt trapped. I wasn’t happy. I wanted to tell people, but I thought there would be a lot of animosity. There are a lot of guys from the South on the team. I wasn’t sure how people would react to it. But I knew at that point I didn’t want to be closeted my entire time here. I knew this had to happen eventually, so it might as well happen now. Might as well rip off the Band-Aid.””

After saying the words “I’m Gay” the only thing that changed for Darrow was his sudden sense of freedom.

I always feel a sense of happiness and freedom for anyone who comes out as gay. It doesn’t matter if you are famous or not, if your coming out will make an impact to the world and help others. I think having a sense of responsability for public figures or people in sports is great but at the end it is their life and they should not feel any pressure. Also … what a sexy hunk !!!

Congratulations Mason Darrow. Read his full interview here.


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