Really Caitlyn? REALLY!?!

Really Caitlyn? REALLY!?!

Like many people yesterday I tuned in to watch Ellen kicked off her new season with a special guest, Caitlyn Jenner.

Alek and I have been watching ‘I am Cait’ and it’s a good docu/reality series. Not incredible genuine on her part but I am all for awareness and bringing to light issues to be able to educate people. Ignorance is what leads to hate and in the world we live in we sure need more education on every levels.

Unfortunately I cannot say I was surprised by Caitlyn’s speech on the gay issues. She does not strike me as someone who is open minded, in fact she even said it herself, she is a traditional girl … ouch … I mean, there is nothing wrong being a ‘traditional republican trans lesbian’ in America, it’s a free country and you can be whatever you want (as long as you let other people be whatever they want and we all live in a happy world … I wish it was that simple) No there is absolutely nothing wrong in being a republican … unless you are a trans lesbian !!!!!! Then yes, there’s something fucking wrong with you.

I like that in her series I am Cait they talk about the gap between gay issues and trans issues and also the distance between those two communities, almost like the gay do not have any consideration for the trans community … well done Caitlyn for showing that in fact trans people can be judgemental and have difficulties accepting other people … in that case you still have a long way to go girl. And your next step is probably accepting that YOU ARE a lesbian.

Watch Caitlyn Jenner be Caitlyn Jenner on Ellen and Ellen talk about it today with Howard Stern:

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  3. richard rennie

    10/09/2015 at 10:27 am

    after 30 years working on increasingly crap productions, as a queer male, i am SHOCKED that support from GLBT people over these years of purported equality as miami showed, they’ve been far more adolescent teenie boppers in most cases, then significant and integral humane bits of balls and spine. oh well. thus, the entire CAIT thing has primarily passed me by, as miami projects and 30 years mounting of film/radio — it’s been VERY, VERY depressing to see how unevolved a supposed community is while hardly replacing eyeglasses and more after plenty of services. can we say VERY bad promotion and marketing for the US of Amnesia?? cheers you guys. nice shots, but we know there is far more than plenty of hypocrisy over these years in some circles causing major train wrecks.

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