Balmain x H&M … Is It Worth Wrestling For?

Balmain x H&M … Is It Worth Wrestling For?

I’m afraid it may be …

I personally won’t wrestle anyone trying to get their precious fashionably hands on the upcoming Balmain x h&m – but I have to admit that from all the collaborations H&M did – this one is my favorite. The Versace campaign was fun but kinda unwearable (I apologize if you wore those pieces). But come on look at this look below …. j’adore !!!! I mean the guy is pretty hot too but the ‘ensemble’ works well.


Some clothes from Balmain may not be wearable everywhere … like in LA for example. But overall the collection is pretty classic and can be cool if not wore from head to toe. This is a collections for urban cities such as NY, Paris or London. That being said I am pretty sure the battle will be raging around here too on November 5. There are a few items surpassing the $500 mark. Which is a bargain compare to Balmain prices … but most of the pieces are actually priced well.

I am not a fan of the most expensive items for men like those $549 and $649 jackets below. Yes I know it looks good on those guys. But you are not those guys and you won’t be walking a runway.


Oh and also, unless you are that guy (or look like that guy) DO NOT get this amazing one piece. I do not care if you think you can pull this off, I do not care if you think you would look good in it, it has nothing to do with you, but for everyone else who are gonna have to watch you wearing it. Merci!


Those items below are my favorites, they range from $34 (t-shirt) or $149 (shoes) and up to $199 (coat).


Now enjoy the full collection for girls and boys because there might be that someone special in your life that you are ready to fight for and wait in lines for hours to surprise with the entire collection for Christmas … oh wait, that would be like almost 2 months after the collection is released – which would make it officially out of date – has been – not chic anymore – in the world of fashion … sorry!

Also ….

Wearing Balmain x H&M is – as we say in French – à tes risques et périls. You know how the world of fashion is a mean world and would cast you to the lowest of their kind for not wearing the right thing at the right place at the right time?… so wearing an item of Balmain x H&M next to someone who can actually afford Balmain (not that it makes them better in any ways) but will give you that look (you know which look I am talking about) is it really worth your soul?

Just don’t fall into the bottomless egocentric-cool-kids-trap that wants you to feel jealous and guilty of missing out on something. You don’t need to have what everyone else wants.

Balmain x H&M

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