Call Housekeeping ‘AHS: Hotel’ is ON!

Call Housekeeping ‘AHS: Hotel’ is ON!

I am pretty sure that if you are reading OhLaLa, you are the kind of person who already saw the first episode of American Horror Story: Hotel. And if not, get out of my blog … just kidding … but still get out and go watch AHS: Hotel first episode on FX.


It was insanely-sickly-good, right?

I love EVERYTHING about this new season so far, the characters, the location, Matt Bomer naked, the art deco, Matt Bomer … I am telling you I loved e-ve-ry-thing.

I am not here to do a boring ‘recap’ because I’d like to believe that you would remember what you just saw – but I’d like to ‘refocus’ our attention on a few details you may have missed, like Matt Bomer‘s perfect ass or Matt Bomer’ perfect ass … oh … you probably did not missed that part, but we can still go over it together.


OMG how good is Lady Gaga!? I did not know what to expect (and that is always a good thing to do in order to avoid disappointment) but she delivered big time with Matt.


That 4-some was gross but before it got to that point it was HOT, not as hot as my favorite tv orgy (don’t tell me you do not have a favorite tv orgy!?) I am talking about Sense 8. Sense 8 was much more sensual, while the 4-some in AHS: Hotel was dark and disturbing, like I would never have sex with extremely hot people I meet at the Hollywood cemetery on a night they play Dracula. Like EVER …


Not even if it’s Matt Bomer … well maybe not. But like not anyone else … or maybe Wes Bentley, yes, like Wes Bentley and Matt Bomer! THAT I would make a one time exception to the not having sex with hot strangers I meet on a cemetery-movie-night rule.


And Schmidt! Poor Schmidt … going from being Jessica’s roommate to … well, you know what you saw !!!! Yep they went there on date one. Max Greenfield, that I love, was so good as the total junkie, I hope he survived …

Do I? At this point I am not sure what is better for him.


Cheyenne Jackson! LOVE.

So happy we got to photograph him for BELLO mag. I cannot imagine what kind of crazy he might turn out to be, but I am sure he will eventually be transformed by the lovely Hotel Cortez.

Can we talk about Wes Bentley? those eyes … I’d be staring at him just like Denis O’Hare (who is also brilliant by the way).


I know it’s a lot to ask but I kinda need some sex/naked time with Wes Bentley. Not me, that’s not what I meant (to write but totally had in mind). No I want him to have sex and be naked for the show …

Until next week, here is a visual recap of AHS: Hotel episode ONE.

AHS: Hotel - Episode One

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