Carol – The Real Housewife Of Alexandria #TheWalkingDead

Carol – The Real Housewife Of Alexandria #TheWalkingDead

Ok, can we not talk about hot guys for like a minute.

Have you seen the last episode of The Walking Dead1?!?!

Ohlala. It totally got me like:


“Throw me to the wolves and I’ll return leading the pack.” could be Carol’s tag line this season.

After last week’s pretty amazing episode, I know we would cut right to everyone rushing back to Alexandria, maybe trying to divert the thousands of walkers … oh boy, was I wrong!

In real life the 45 minutes your casserole would take to bake, you would make have a glass of wine, take a relaxing bath … in Alexandria, it’s another story. I was so not expecting the Wolfs to attack the way they did. When the episode started with cans and food talk I was like – I hope it’s not gonna be one of those rip off episode from season 2, where it was about building characters and gun talks – nope, we went from ‘don’t smoke that much’ to WTF just happened.

As we saw some of the characters already lost their mojo, like Carl who almost got killed because he actually got soft when one of the wolf told me ‘please don’t kill me’ … but Carol, man she kicked asses! She went right back to the Carol we love in about 2 seconds.

I was so not expecting such a good episode on week 2. I mean I was hoping for it but I am always on the fence when it comes to where I think the story should go. I never want the show to end which means there will be more running in the woods and a lot of unwanted death but at the same time sometimes I wish they can just grow tomatoes and make smores at night … and kill a walker or two while going for wild berries picking. I know, unrealsitic, there is no hope in their world … or maybe there is. I mean I read World War Z (which has nothing to do with the movie) and they kinda make it – read this book by the way, it is amazing.

Can’t wait for next week … I am so over Rick and his leadership … it’s time for a woman to rule them all #Carol2016

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