The Floating Seahorse #Want

The Floating Seahorse #Want

One thing is for sure, climate is changing faster than we can adapt. Sadly things are not looking great for us on planet earth. I always says that ‘saving the planet’ is not really the problem, this planet will keep on evolving with or without us. We have been here for a very short time and we can all be gone in a very short time. If anything has to be saved, it’s humans and animals.

Until the end of our world, we have to think of a more sustainable way of living. I would love to wake up tomorrow in a Vegetarian world powered by solar panels.

Imagination is our only way out of this. Populations will migrate because of both man and climate issues. I believe that we are more nomads than our society is trying to make us believe.

New cities will have to be built in the next 200 years. Let’s hope that the world will by then be a better community not selecting migrants based on money, religion or color, like we do now. Those kids being born right now needs to be smarter and more compassionate than us.

But let’s imagine a world that would not be in the dark of nuclear clouds and where Ocean and Seas will be filled with fishes, I know it’s a long shot.

In that specific world, one of the best way of living would be on small, self efficient man-made islands. Where we would be more responsible when it comes to waste, energy, food and water.

Imagine your home floating along the coast, where your energy will be powered harvesting power from thin air or solar panels (Scientists recently made a big breakthrough for solar energy this week by developing a device that turns light directly into electricity). There could be a filter that will turn salt water into fresh water, your roof could be a mini seasonal vegetable garden, you could fish and lounge and live happily ever after …

A house such as could look like the Floating Seahorse, one created by Kleindienst Group.


Of course right now it’s only for the eccentric, relatively blasé  rich people of our planet looking to invest their money in Dubai. But like everything man did, it could eventually be democratize to the rest of us, like the other 99% of the people living on this planet. It would be nice.





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