Watch: Fear the Walking Dead – Flight 462: Part 1

Watch: Fear the Walking Dead – Flight 462: Part 1


So I am sad that Fear The Walking Dead season one is already over … but double YAY as the new season of The Walking Dead is about to start and we also have one little extra to watch. Dead Flight 462 where a group of passengers experience the outbreak aboard a commercial plane. A 16-part series available every week and on-air during episodes of The Walking Dead.


I also know that one of the character from that plane will join the cast of FTWD for season two. Probably that Asian woman … watch:

SOOOO good right? I mean I love everything Walking Dead lol.

Just like you I cannot believe that the first season of Fear The Walking Dead is already over. Well, I cannot believe they only did 6 episodes …

It was a good season! If you are late in the game you can still watch all 6 episodes on amc.com.

At first I was a bit disappointed that we haven’t seen many walkers … are we suppose to say walkers for FTWD? I know that writers are very particular about NOT calling them zombies. Did I miss some kind of legal thing where the word Zombies is copyrighted?

Anyway, we saw very little ‘infected’ at first. The difference with TWD is that they already know that no matter how you die, you turn. In TWD we only learn that when Shane got stabbed by Rick – Died – and reanimates as a walker to be shot by Carl.

I know it would have been too easy to show LA landmarks besides the DTLA skyline, but I would have loved to see walkers by the Hollywood sign. Walkers as Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson on Hollywood boulevard, some old ladies running out of the Beverly Hills hotel, Rodeo Drive infected with walkers trapped in a Lamborghini. That’s LA too right?

I love the characters. At first I wasn’t sure of the father, Travis, but we have to remember that those people we saw this season are the pre-zombie-apocalypse versions. Imagine if we saw Michonne or Carol in their every-day lives, maybe they would have had very little interests at first.

I cannot wait to find out what kind of fighters they are going to be.

So far they did not really grasp the fact that to survive they need some kind of weapons, on them, at ALL TIMES. But once again they do not know what we know.

The season one ended in a very chill atmosphere to be honest. A beautiful villa on the coast, with a yacht … sure Travis had to shoot his ex wife because she was infected but they all drove from East LA to what looks like Palos Verdes with no incidents. Was LA completely evacuated or executed by the army?

I love that this season gave us a preview of what season 2 is going to look like. Some kind of pirates-zombie fights along the coast. Watching TWD I always think that if I was them, I would run for the coast and the water, on a boat you can manage to be safe, fish, collect some water … I don’t know, it sounds like a better idea than running in the woods or going to a dark basements to find a can of beans.

Unfortunately I am pretty sure that FTWD season 2 will prove me wrong. Once on the water, I am pretty sure they won;t be the only people who had that idea. And their fancy boat may get unwanted attention. Also we do not know what Victor’s intentions are? He does not seems like the guy who would go out of his way to save others …

One other thing that made me cringe was the fact that in this apocalyptic world, you do not leave anyone that you punch in the face alive behind. But they don’t know … they do not know that they are very likely to meet again …

Nick Clark is a very interesting character, Madison his mother is already a tuff one so no doubts she will last, I also love the daughter Alicia. Ofelia is all sweet right now but in less than a week she had to say goodbye to the world, her mother died and her father is not who she thinks he was back home …

Can’t wait for season 2 already !!!!

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