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Dream Home In The Hollywood Hills!

Dream Home In The Hollywood Hills!

I love real estate … well, I like expensive houses. I pretty much know everything that is on the market around us in the Hollywood Hills. What’s new, what’s not selling, what has been reduced, what has been updated (or just repainted) what keeps popping on the market as ‘new’ but really is a house that has been on and off the market for years, houses that keeps getting sold every other year (red flag) … like I know it all.

It’s crazy to think that a million dollar won’t get you anything. Unless you like cardboard style trailers at the bottom of a canyon. If you have 2 millions then you can maybe find a cute little Spanish house on the east side of the hills. Once you get west of the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard then you better have 5 millions if you want something nice – and from there things go all the way up to 20 millions (and more) for something exceptional. But who has 20 millions? Well it seems a lot of people …


One lucky person (maybe the one who will win the next $800 million Powerball tomorrow) could consider getting a pied-a-terre in the hills of Los Angeles for only $19,950,000 … originally ‘offered’ at $23,950,000 (I love ‘offered’ because it sounds like they are doing you a favor lol) a nice 4 million price reduction that still has this amazing house sit empty. Not that anyone would live in it once sold, those houses are often bought by people living abroad and used for like a couple of months here and there.

If you ask me it won’t be sold for anything above 17m, but that’s just me.

You can visit their website for a virtual tour and more photos: 8927 St Ives Dr, Los Angeles.


And check out this gorgeous videos featuring models pretending to be wealthy people to dream even more:

8927 St. Ives Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90069 from Andrew J. Mitchell on Vimeo.

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