Chris Wood The New CW Hunk #Containment

Chris Wood The New CW Hunk #Containment


Last week premiered CW’s new series, Containment. I wasn’t sure if I was going to take on a new show (I do need some free time in my life for things like eating, sleeping and do stuff …) so one more show on top of the too many I am aleady watching was not on my list of priority. CW shows can start great and then quickly turn into something like Vampire Diaries that I loved for the first two seasons, until the multiple deaths/resurections/dop·pel·gäng·er etc etc …

I do not know where Containment is heading (certainly a lot of deaths) but when I saw Chris Wood I wasn’t going anywhere.


First he is Hot to look at and so full of charm. At the end of every scenes Chris is in, I surprise myself staring at the tv with a smile on my face. Great casting!

Two episodes so far and he was not even shirtless … yet (which for CW is like a miracle to itself). After all things are about containing a deadly desease so at some point I except a massive decontamination shower involving Chris. If I am not mistaken they are still waiting to see if the show is going to be renewed, it’s now a question of days, so wish them luck!


You can watch Containments Tuesday nights (or online at CW) and if you cannot watch Containment from your homeland then you can at least follow his IG @christophrwood.

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