DTLA: Please Do Not Enter

DTLA: Please Do Not Enter


Featured in BELLO mag issue #114

Nestled in the shadow of downtown L.A.’s Standard Hotel is Please Do Not Enter, one of the city’s best new retail and exhibition hotspots for progressive men’s luxury. Encompassing fashion, product design, art, and more, Please Do Not Enter is a one-stop-shopping mecca for guys with a love of the finer things in life.

Please Do Not Enter will celebrate its second anniversary in 2016, where, for the past two years, it’s been calling the 12th floor atop the historic PacMatual building its home, at 549 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013. Open seven days a week, guests are welcomed by appointment only — which is more than worth your time spent planning ahead, considering the incredible exclusive selection that awaits you.

From a $15 pair of paper eye glasses modelled after famed architect Le Corbusier’s iconic pair, to a $200,000 metal sculpture created by Arik Levy — shopping here is an experience on a fiscal spectrum. There are fragrances by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, stationery from Ito Bindery of Japan, furniture designed by Elise Gabriel and Valentin Loellmann, a $14,000 Denali table by Jason Mizrahi, and even some high-end underwear by Hamilton & Hare.

“We wanted to avoid the traditional retail model of the ground-floor shop, but we also didn’t want to create a classic white cube gallery,” Libert told The New York Times in a recent interview. “We decided to call our space Please Do Not Enter because we love the idea of a private collection we share only with beloved friends. As soon as you hear the warning implicit in the name, you want to know what it is and what you will find there. Naming a company with such an expression automatically provokes questions and it opens doors!”

Adding to the collection’s allure is the fact that some of these pieces can be found nowhere else in the United States. “Coming from Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, Denmark, the United States and France, all the pieces express the singularity of the taste of their curators and compose, together, an aesthetic of daily life,” the pair explain on their website. “Beyond its formal ‘perfection’ each piece has its own story that discards the one-fits-all mentality. Neither a gallery nor a traditional retail space, Please Do Not Enter gathers artists and designers that already met a genuine recognition from institutions, museums and selected buyers. Most pieces are either unique or small editions and generally unseen in the United States.”


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