France: Sexy Braqueurs

France: Sexy Braqueurs

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While watching French tv today I saw the trailer and an interview with some actors from the movie Braqueurs (French for Robbers).

It looks like a lot of actions! And when you say action usually that means hot in shape guys. I believe this movie is no exception. Like this guy who I believe plays the young brother who puts his family in big troubles with the local mafia.

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I mean look at this guy. He looks so damn hot looking up … he looks hot looking down … sorry that is all I saw of him in this trailer but I am sure there will be alot more in the movie.

Also I could not figure out his name on IMDB since a lot of the actors have no pictures on their profiles (so very French I know), here in Merica even if you have played ‘dead corpse face down #5’ you will FOR SURE have your smiling head shot on IMDB first thing.

Sometimes I miss my country and this je ne sais quoi of we do not give a fuck.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 6.58.39 PM

I don’t know if you saw the French show Les Revenants (it’s really good and it is on iTunes btw) but Guillaume Gouix (below) is also in this movie and he has his picture up on IMDB.


Watch the trailer for Braqueurs below:

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