Is That A Heavy Hose In Your Pants Or You’re Just Really Happy To See Me?

Is That A Heavy Hose In Your Pants Or You’re Just Really Happy To See Me?

Let’s be honest, we all love Halloween!  Not so much about the candies but more about the dressing up (or down) depending on the mood of course.

Here in West Hollywood, Halloween is probably the biggest event of the year. Santa Monica gets crazier than for Gay Pride with thousands of people having fun the entire night. Picking up (or creating) the right outfit can take months for some. If you are crafty you will do everything the way you want it but for the majority of people like me, ordering online is the way to go.


The Heavy Hose Fireman costume is probably my favorite. and by the look of the sizes available it’s been quite popular … you may notice that sizes M and up are all gonne … it’s OK to be a size S in fact I do believe that all hoses are created equal.  ‘Put out some old flames and start some new sparks of desire’.

Firemen are the tru heroes but if you are more into fiction, you can go for the Superhero Spider Boxer briefs …. How amazing are they !? I know it is revealing but unlike the heavy hose where you have what it takes to fill it, you still have 6 months to squad to get this butt firm and round for Halloween night.

For more fun costumes for guys and girls visit and you may make more than 3 wishes come true in your future.


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