It’s That Time Of The Year!

It’s That Time Of The Year!


It is that time of the year when people feel like they have to change things. I never got the ‘reset’ feeling on January 1st but I think that any excuse for people to improve their life is a good thing. It is also that time of the year when gyms are trying to catch a few new customers with their campaigns like Equinox who introduces a new seiries of images by Steven Klein.

“This year’s campaign revolves around the notion that what you commit to is who you are, so we’re daring viewers to take stance and look inward, even if doing so makes you a little bit uncomfortable, We’re in the business of changing lives at Equinox, so we’ve learned firsthand that going ‘all in’ on anything — whether it be a workout, a cause or yourself — will undoubtedly get you one step closer to finding out who you really are.”

I love the photo with model Brian Shimansky, I cannot say it wants to make me hit the gym. But I like it.

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