6 Tips To Turn Your Master Bedroom Into An Ultimate Retreat

6 Tips To Turn Your Master Bedroom Into An Ultimate Retreat


In today’s busy world you deserve to retreat to a place where you can unwind and relax in comfort. Work with an interior designer to create a luxurious, beautiful and functional master bedroom that will enable you to do just that. Sure, you’ll be living in The Villaget but feel like you’re in Thailand’s wellness paradise.


A good interior designer will turn your master bedroom design ideas to reality. Here are some guidelines that will ensure you create a truly luxurious retreat.


Bring In More Furniture

Turn your master bedroom into a master suite. Every master bedroom deserves is a comfortable sitting area. You can create this by adding a few comfy chairs and a small accent table to hold your magazines or books.


If you love reading, consider adding a reading nook. Have a custom window seat for the perfect area to lose yourself in your favorite book after a stressful day.



Bring The Outdoors Indoors

Create easy access to the beautiful outdoors from your bedroom by having a patio or balcony installed. Every time you open your French doors, you will be transported to a private living area outdoors. An outdoor porch is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of joe as you take in the beautiful sunrise or gaze deep into the starry night.


Personalize Your Dream Bedroom

Make the master bedroom a truly personal retreat space by adding a few special pieces that reflect your personality, interests and style. Add a collection of classic black and white photos in the sitting area, accent one wall with bold color or even hang your favorite art piece over the bed.


Brighten Your Bedroom

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Light up your master bedroom by installing as many large windows as possible. Custom blinds and draperies will also help bring in the light and keep the room dark when you want to rest.


Add a few lamps to create that perfect ambience as the sun sets. Alternatively, install a dimmer switch that will allow you to enjoy a dim romantic light or bright light from a single light source. Do not forget to add a stylish reading lamp beside your bed.


Add A Spa For The Ultimate Master Bedroom Retreat

No master bedroom is ever complete without a master bath. To create the full luxury master bedroom sanctuary, add a luxurious bathroom – where you can unwind after a hard day. Whether you will be building or renovating, talk with the designer regarding the perfect wood finishes, tiles, a wall mount sink and stone to create a spa-like master bathroom.


If the ideal start to your day is a refreshing shower, install the type that comes with multiple showerheads that double up as a sauna after your workout sessions.


The possibilities are endless. Maybe you prefer winding down in a classic clawfoot tub or whirlpool tub, the choice is yours. The designer will help you put everything together for an exhilarating and luxurious result.


Explore More Storage Options

Clutter makes a master bedroom feel small. If you have accessories and clothes scattered all over your bedroom, it is time to look into various storage options. Luckily, working with a talented designer will help you maximize every inch of the space you have.


Are you looking for storage space for your shoes, your huge antique collection or your favorite jerseys? An interior designer will work with you to create space friendly storage options that will work anywhere.


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