Sweetening Your Next Social Event

Sweetening Your Next Social Event


Gatherings and social events are always made better with food and drinks. It brings people together, loosens them up for pleasant conversation, and gives your guests something to talk about. However, it seems as though everyone has the same idea on what to serve.

Sure, wine and cheese pair wonderfully together and everyone loves a good cookout, but those options simply do not suit every type of social gathering. In fact, they can almost be considered mundane in today’s times. So, how do you go about spicing up your next event in a new, creative way?

How about a delightful assortment of candy? While fad diets are in abundance these days, it’s no secret that everyone has a sweet tooth. Aside from adding color to your suare, a buffet of sweet delights is the perfect way to help your get together stand out.

Here’s how to secure the perfect assortment for your social gathering.

First Things First

Assuming that your guest list entails a majority of your friends, chances are you’ve seen them with a snack in hand at one point or another. If you can, take note of what their favorites are and make sure to include them in the list.

There is, of course, going to be some guess work involved as to what your guests would like. Thankfully, it’s hard to go wrong when it comes to candy. Whether it is decadent dark chocolate, jelly beans, bubble gum, or savory delights, everyone enjoys a variety to choose from.

Be sure to include an assortment of everything possible, that way each guest can enjoy a different tasty sensation during the party. Even if their favorite isn’t on the list, some people really love Heath Bars, they will still be overjoyed at the fantastic selection.

Once you’ve made a list that covers different types of succulent delights, it’s time to procure the goods.

A Kid In A Candy Store

While individual candy itself is relatively inexpensive, buying hordes of it can raise the price tag on your get together. While spending an entire paycheck on candy might sound like heaven to a ten year old, chances are that you aren’t too keen on the idea. It’s a good thing there are wholesale vendors out there!

Save yourself expense by buying bulk candy from a wholesale company, a cheaper yet highly effective route when planning for your event. This way, you can be rest assured that there will be enough of delicious “orderve” to go around, and even for a second and third time as well. Bulk shopping is smart shopping when planning an event.

For Larger Events

While having a candy buffet at your house party is sure to delight, you may be looking for something on a larger scale. Whether you are the event planner for an enormous gathering or in charge of a booth during a parade, don’t worry, you can still satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

If you’ve been given you a company credit card, or offered reimbursement, go to town! If not, don’t rely on your checking or savings account to fund this venture.

How do you acquire the funds to serve up enough treats to fill a swimming pool? Crowdsource, of course! Using a site like Plumfund, your audience can pay to have their favorite treats catered to them. It’s a great way to receive feedback on what they might like, as well get everyone hyped for the event.

If you’re looking to wow your guests with a vibrant display of delicacies, then candy is the way to go!

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