FOCUS film with Will Smith

FOCUS film with Will Smith


The FOCUS film with Will Smith was somewhat divisive. It scored at 56 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Some people think that this means that the film is bad and that they should treat the 56 percent rating like an academic letter grade. Getting a 56 on a test usually means that a person failed the test in most schools.

However, schools automatically set very high standards for their students. Doing better than fifty percent in the real world means doing better than average. If sixty percent of people liked something, than a majority of them liked something. There’s also the fact that Rotten Tomatoes scores should not be viewed this way in general.

A film that scores 56 percent on Rotten Tomatoes is divisive. It means that a lot of critics liked it, and a lot of critics did not like it. It certainly doesn’t automatically indicate that a given film was bad. Some of the best films of all time were divisive when they first came out, and they would still be divisive on Rotten Tomatoes if they were recent movies.

Old movies that have become classics are almost universally liked on Rotten Tomatoes, but that doesn’t really mean that those movies are objectively good. Many older films have not really held up, in fact, despite the fact that some of them are still generally praised by critics. People should always take scores on Rotten Tomatoes with a proverbial grain of salt.

On the Internet Movie Database, Focus managed to get a 6.6 out of 10. This generally means that it was well-liked but still divisive among the general public. People can get the public’s perception fairly well by looking at the ratings from the Internet Movie Database. There are plenty of situations where a given film will be hated by critics and loved by the public. There are some situations where the opposite is true, but this is relatively rare, especially in an age where opaque art films are not popular.

For most films, the Internet Movie Database rating is going to be higher than the Rotten Tomatoes rating. However, they will still usually be comparable. This is the case with the Focus film, which should be a good sign for a lot of people. It means that there is a good chance that they will like it.

A lot of critics and audience members have agreed that the movie is a lot of fun, although it is not especially deep. There’s nothing wrong with light entertainment. Sometimes, a movie can be a solid career thesis for the creators. In other cases, the movie will feel like a game from the Red Flush online casino. Plenty of movies use casino motifs for a reason.

There are plenty of movies that are supposed to be light and fun that fail at being either. It’s always positive when a movie that doesn’t try to be anything other than entertaining succeeds at being entertaining. This does seem to be the case with the Focus film, even if not all people liked it.

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