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Are you a big fan of dating websites? I am not either. To be frank, I think it’s as flawed as dating in real life and on top of that, you might get scammed online like I was on this other dating site but that’s a story for another day. My point is, there do not seem to be too many advantages of online dating yet many people do it; some are even successful. Why? Because they know what they are doing and they only do it in an environment that they know is safe. I became especially paranoid after that little (read “huge”) incident that happened to me. I avoided anything remotely related to online dating. But I had to get back on the horse, right. And dating in real life wasn’t an option because of my crammed schedule. So I started paying more attention to safety and security on these sites. I started reading their long and tedious policies on these matters, which is a headache on its own, and only a few websites were convincing enough for me to even start thinking about dating online again. One such site was and the purpose of this hily dating site review is to explain why it’s a bit more trustworthy than others without you having to read up on all those law-related gibberish of privacy policies. Believe me, I gave it the third degree, like every other website. It’s too soon for me to say that it’s 100% safe but I feel that it’s heading in that direction at a comfortable pace.

How hily is “safe”

To start off, hily is technically quite sound. It uses some of the most sophisticated tools and protocols for securing the site from external attackers. Beyond that, hily has a team of moderators who constantly check and moderate any potentially malicious entity. I tried uploading some “fake” photos, which I obtained from a simple search on google images and most of them were rejected within the hour or on the same day. Also, if you don’t have satisfactory photos uploaded to your profile, you would be asked to do an “Identity Verification” wherein you upload a “good” picture and hope that it makes through moderation.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 11.58.13 PM

There are some very strict guidelines which you must follow when uploading photos; so this made me let out a sigh of relief as I can be a bit more confident that the photos of people on hily are real. 

Why hily is effective

Dating websites have a lot of things in common. It is really hard to tell apart one from the other. Hily does stand out from others because it does the simple things effectively. Looking for people to date? You go to “Finder Mode” on hily. Just think about it for a moment. Yes, it’s that simple. To find people, you go to “finder mode”. You are shown profiles of other registered users of hily based on your preferences. And if you have used a dating app like Tinder, you will get the next part really quickly. On hily, like on tinder, you can “like” or “dislike” someone’s profile. And there’s more. You have unlimited number of “likes” right from the start, for free. I know, right? And you also have the concept of “mutual likes” which many of you would be familiar with. You get a “mutual like” when a person you “liked” also “likes” you back. Now this is a double-edged sword in my opinion. You may get a “mutual like” the instant you “like” someone or you could go on for days without a single “mutual like”. Yeah, that’s rough. You cannot message anyone until you have a “mutual like” with them. The good thing about it is that the ladies’ inboxes won’t be flooded with messages from desperate men like myself XD.

  • The people are near you!

The website uses your zip code that you provide to help you match with people living near you. So yes, you can take your date to that crappy pizza place that you love so much. And if they like it too, then they might be the one ;).

  • Excellent customer support

Whenever in need of help, always contact the hily customer support. It’s as simple as clicking on the three dots on right of your profile pic, clicking on “Support” and sending a simple message to the staff and they will respond to your concerns quickly.

  • Spam and fraud protection

Let me share one of the ways in which I tested hily’s spam protection. As part of my testing of various websites, I intentionally uploaded fake images/improper pics and those images did get moderated and removed. Some made through at first but were caught later. I continued to do so just to see what would happen. Well, my account was suspended. Never have I had mixed emotions of happiness and sadness like this before.

  • Simple Sign-up

Signing up to hily is very easy. There are these basic steps to follow. It is not much different from, say, signing up for a new gmail account. The steps you have to follow are shown below:

Step 1: Enter some basic information, you know, like name, email address etc.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 11.57.14 PM

Step 2: Enter your date of birth. I had to call my mom for that information. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 11.57.21 PM

Step 3: Enter your CORRECT zipcode. I am sure you don’t want to drive 16 hours for a date. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 11.57.27 PM

Step 4: Upload a profile pic. Keep your pants on guys. No one wants to see that.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 11.57.33 PM

Also, once you sign up and everything, you get to take this tutorial which teaches you everything about the site; so it basically teaches you how to read and click.

Hily: Atleast you won’t get scammed

My experience with dating sites has been rough but I guess it’s like riding a bicycle, you may fall sometimes but you better get up and learn how to ride it. Hily does provide a safer environment and even though you must always be on your toes, with hily, you can feel more confident. Now, it lacks a lot of features as it probably is still in development but there I think that you cannot go wrong by joining hily. Give it some time and you will start to enjoy it.

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