Top 10 Guilty Pleasures of Men

Top 10 Guilty Pleasures of Men

Everyone has some specific pleasures that are different from the particular age group or gender they represent. It can range from adults watching cartoon movies and men reading fashion magazines for women to women reading gossip magazines. It is interesting to discuss some of the common guilty pleasures of men that is not expected from them.

  1. They use Beauty Products

Contrary to popular belief, many of them use beauty products and are highly concerned about their appearance. This is particularly true in the case of metrosexual men, and they spend a lot of time for beauty products, appearance, and clothing. Interestingly, men do not wish to let others know about the use of hair dye, skin care creams, or more and keep the cosmetics hidden in bathrooms.

  1. Crying when Watching Emotional Movies

Everyone tends to cry while watching emotional movies, but men try to hide it from others. It is not bad to cry especially when the emotions run deep, but men try to control a total outburst, and others can hardly see a small tear in the face.

  1. They are Addicted to Video and Online Games

Many men are video and online game addicts, be it online casino games or games like of World of Warcraft, Angry Birds, or other games using their gaming consoles or through the online platforms. It offers great relaxation to mind, but it is also important to ensure that they are not spending a significant time of their day by playing the games.

  1. Love Watching Romantic Comedies

Romantic comedy movies or plays are a perfect option for everyone to relax and enjoy some fun and life. Every man seeks some love and is ready to give the same to their loved ones, and their fantasies come out while watching such movies or plays. However, men usually hide their love towards romance stories as some of them think it is a feminine feeling.

  1. Singing Girl Power Songs

It is a fact that men love girl power songs and sing it while driving or taking a bath. They love listening and singing the songs of Tylor Swift, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and other female singers.

  1. Obsessed with Gadgets

It is a fact that most men are gadget geeks, and some of them buy the latest gadgets from Apple or other brands they are obsessed with even if they do not need it. It should be remembered that the way how men follow tech trends is similar to how women go for fashion trends.

  1. Love towards Cars

Their another obsession is cars, and they are passionate talking about cars, driving cars, looking at cars, watch the latest news in the auto industry, and more. Men look for every aspect of the cars including the speed, design, sleek, and more, and look at new cars like a kid.

  1. Dancing at Home when Alone

It is a pleasure both men and women to dance at their home when they are alone. It is also an option for professional dancers to master themselves with their favorite moves or learn new moves. Most people love relaxing inside the home by stepping along with some fast numbers.

  1. Enjoying Reality TV Shows

While there is a general conception that men do not watch reality TV shows, the truth is different. The studies have shown that nearly 60% of the men watch reality TV shows, and they usually blame women for watching reality dramas.

  1. Investing in Shoes

Many people love investing in shoes, and some of them are ready to spend as much as they can, especially the brands they love. They are proud to buy the shoes of their choice and eager to display it to others. With the shoes of men, people can find their personality as well.


It is great to have some guilty pleasures as it can relax people without disturbing anyone. It also ensures that people are spending time for themselves.

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