Six dating advice for shy guys that really work

Six dating advice for shy guys that really work

Most men feel like they are in heavens on dating sites, as it’s easy to reach every woman they are attracted to. But things look different for shy guys who are not very good at starting a conversation. I was that guy when I joined my first dating site two years ago. A divorced 35-year-old guy who hasn’t dated since college…  Frankly, I had no chance of success. Also, I got so nervous when I met women who attracted me on the site that couldn’t think of anything better than writing them “Hey! How are you doing?”

But I handled this problem and eventually met the woman I fell in love with on the site described in this article –

So, here are my dating tips for shy guys. I hope that they will help you overcome the shyness and start a relationship with a special woman.

Focus on a positive side of your shyness

Do girls like shy guys? You will be surprised, but yes! According to my future wife and her friends, some women truly like this a bit weird but cute shy guy flirting and hate pushy advances. So, don’t consider your shy part as a death sentence to your love life.

They also note that this kind of men are always good listeners and don’t compete with their women for attention. Cheer up! You are a rare kind of man who can let your girlfriend shine!

And when you start a new message to a woman on a dating site, remember your strength, it will encourage you.

Build friendship with women you don’t want to be with

The best way to learn more about women is to communicate with them. And if you feel uncomfortable talking to women you are attracted to, make a female friend. It could be your sister or colleague – someone you don’t see as your romantic partner.  Regular communication with women will help you understand one simple thing: they are not aliens. They are…

…Just people who want to be loved

One of the most important dating tips that shy guys should know is that women are not aliens, they are just people. Some of them also feel unconfident with guys and don’t know what to do and what to say on the first date.

My best friend is a well-known blogger, and he gets hundreds of e-mail from women wondering how to talk to a shy guy. Yes, they are the same creatures with the same fears. So, don’t be afraid to make the first step. Especially, on a dating site. At worst, you’ll get the rejection from a woman you’ve never met in person! It’s not a good excuse for missing an opportunity to find love, is it?

Accept your fear

So, how can a shy guy get a girlfriend? The only way for him is to accept his fear and make an effort to beat it.

Yes, this process takes a lot of time. But if you face the fact that communication with women scares you and accept this fear, you can conquer it. Keep trying even if something goes wrong and you fail – it’s the only way you can grow up.

Another useful online dating advice for men who are just trying to overcome their fear of women is to start chatting with shy ladies. I’d been a member of one dating site that is extremely popular among Asians. Most women I’d met there were shy and cute. It was easy for me to chat with them. If you also want to try, check this review – Find the love of your life with honest review 2018.

Stop being too sweet!

Some men are trying too hard to be liked that creates this “how to flirt with a shy guy problem”. You know, when a woman doesn’t know how to be seductive with a man who is “too sweet” and decide to stay friends with him. So, never be like these guys if you want a girl to see you as a possible romantic partner. Yes, you should be nice to the woman you like and treat her with respect, but at the same time, you shouldn’t always agree with her. Have your own opinion and hold it.

So, be your own tough dad who keeps saying “Be a man!” to avoid getting stuck in the friend zone.

Dating tips for shy guys: how to start a conversation

If you want to get good results on dating sites, you should understand that communication is everything. So here are several tips that will help you to start a conversation with the woman you like:

  • Read her profile before writing the first message. Doing it, you can get information about her personality and use it to make an original conversation starter.
  • Start communication by sending a virtual gift if your dating site has this tool. To learn more about virtual gifts, read this article –
  • Ask open questions. People like to talk about themselves, and women are not exceptions. Ask her about her job, hobbies, values, goals on the site, etc.
  • Flirt with her and give delicate compliments about her looks and personality.
  • Give her hints that you want to start a relationship with her.
  • If you have a good sense of humor, feel free to make jokes. Women like funny guys.

These are the best date tips for men on how to start a conversation online. I’m sure that a guy who boasts of his success in this RomaceTale review used them all to get a girlfriend.

So, that’s all dating tips for shy guys I wanted to share. And here’s one last thought: the more you try, the more you succeed. Accept that your first chat conversation will be awkward and embarrassing. But if you don’t give up you’ll certainly find your own way to win women’s hearts.




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