A Modeling Agency that is Changing Our Standards of Beauty

A Modeling Agency that is Changing Our Standards of Beauty


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is what they say. In the 1950s, the social comparison theory was proposedandpeople started to compare themselves with other models. Itled to an upward and downward comparison in terms ofbeauty; andit is something that has not changed even today.

In the 21st-century, beauty standards have come to be the most unattainable ever. While you could always love new UK casino sites, we are sure you would have always wanted a modellingagency that could act as a social change.

From long legs, pout lips to a slim waist, the current beauty standards that have been set out for anyone to be a model are, tosay the least, cruel. And yet, with the use of social media from Instagram to Facebook and Snapchat, celebrities have become the idols people look up to as the definition of beautiful.

It’s perhaps the reason why Zandwagonwas born. In the summer of 2017, Kayvon Zand and Deborah Spencer founded a modellingagency that does not conform to the industry’s beauty standards.

What is Making the Modeling Agency Popular?


The agency stands firm on three principles: moving away from conformity, embracing individuality and expanding ideas of beauty and empowering its talent. They feature different individuals with unique faces and personalities. The idea of the agency was for people to learn how to be themselves and follow their dreams with no sort of judgement on them.

The co-founder of the agencies Zand recently opened up to Teen Vogue about his ownstruggles on becoming a model.  Being Persian- American, he was considered “fat” and kind offreaky because of his queer behaviour. And it was for these reasons that led to him being turnedaway and mostly told to lose weight – what led him to want to break away from labels.

Photoshopping Images Isn’t the Answer


At Zandwagon, models learn how to be comfortable with themselves. They learn to accept whatever life has thrown to them and gavepeople an opportunity to tell stories to the images. Every photo has emotionin it and attaches a life lesson to it.

They don’t use Photoshop to create unrealistic images in magazines and social media, as many others do. Seeing photoshopped images can causelow self-esteemandbody image issues among many as they try to get unrealistically skinnier.

From their legs to their waists, the models are made to seem perfect, and often the agencies eliminate every sort of imperfection. Even celebrities are made to go through the same ordeal, and images published on magazine covers are often photoshopped.

Zandwagon’s aim isto allow healthy body image to prevail. They are cautious not to allow any sort ofdiscrimination in terms ofage, culture, skin colour or size come in between a person realizingtheir dream of becoming a model. Every picture represents the real them.

Everyone is beautiful. Physical beauty does not matter, itis what is the inside that actuallycounts. Real beauty is inner beauty.

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