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Anthony Vaccarello in his element

Anthony Vaccarello in his element

Anthony Vaccarello is a master of his field, a stand alone artist. He has been the creative director of St. Laurent for almost two years now. He along with his his husband, Arnaud Michaux, and a creative crew of five continually manage to dazzle the fashion world in seasonal trends and expectations over and over.  Today’s youth and trending stars of tomorrow feel fresh and free in the collection presented by Saint Laurent.

Anthony has at times allowed members of the media and press into his personal life, but has rarely granted them permission into his home. However, every time that he has it has been an exciting glimpse into what inspires him to keep Saint Laurent thriving year after year.  The admiration for life and living are always prevalent in his surroundings and daily work and home.

His continuous ability to stay mainstream, and his efforts to remain focused on the new trends in fashion only shows that he keeps his finger on the pulse of Americas style at all times.   Not only doing this through fashion but by that rare glimpse of his personal world we can all understand, a little better, how he is easily allowed to remain constant and flourish at this level of success every year. Generations of the past and generations to come will always be able to enjoy his trends because of his longevity.


Although with the perception of fashion changing at an overwhelming pace, Anthony manages to keep up with what is in the moment better than most. He not only makes fashion for the general population to be welcomed into, he is also constantly being worn and talked about by various stars and artists at most every global fashion event. It is expected to see his name there as much as it is to have the champagne and red carpet also present.

Appearance not only is an outward focus with fashion but also it is a feeling– an overwhelming confidence that can make one be able to constantly put their best foot forward.  By feeling great about what you wear and how it feels can only be experienced when fashion allows and the Anthony Vaccarello style does just that. Having your appearance be a complement to your day can never be a negative event.

In contrast to various other runway eras where social media did not exist, Vaccarello now produces and creates a social media concept which chronicles and inspires his work, whether it be design or the campaigns he works with.

Vaccarello also has been finding himself in red carpet controversy where these interesting fashions help make this show and its glamorous participants more relaxed and comfortable this year.  With his inspirations from past and the way he can combine the retro look in a new untouched style tends to marry the present generation with ease and comfort.  That alone can take the sting out the general conversational politics and bring the focus back to the beauty and style that fashion creates.

Anthony Vaccarello fashions today are in a market that has both liberation and a sense of attraction that appeals to a diverse group of customers that never existed before.  While not being naive, his pieces today can comfortably change from an article being a female accessory to being a unisex item.

His fashion seems to challenge status quo, mainly by reworking products from the past decades with ease in modern style.  When a new name is given to an old brand there is always a fear of one or both being lost, yet if brand identity recognition is a mainstay for many years to come then Vaccarello will be the runway staple and conversation garment for many generations.

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